Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core & Advent Children Guide

Tonight I feel so moved to play the guitar but I just had dinner so I decided to just stay put for a while.

A lot of people came to this website to look for photos of Cloud Strife and Zack Fair. I am so sorry if you’re disappointed coz this is not a site for games review or anything like that. If you would like some you should give these websites a looksee. I have put them under 3 categories, and list only websites that I frequent.

For walkthroughs and games review, I use two different websites: and If you play games the way I play, after you’re done the first time around you always play using walkthroughs to get a perfect game. These 2 sites have excellent walkthroughs and cheat codes submitted by gamers. Be sure to leave a note to the gamer if you find any particular walkthroughs useful. It’s a simple way to say thanks and nice work.

For wallpapers on anything Final Fantasy, Creative Uncut gets my vote. The other two that I would recommend would be DeviantArt and RPG dreamer. In both websites, just use the seacrch function and type Advent Children or Crisis Core.

If you want to know all you want to know about the FF VII universe, the wiki Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is a good place to start. Quickly, the choronology of events would be:

  • Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII
  • Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
  • Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  • Last Order: Final Fantasy VII


Please go to my Final Fantasy post for resources on official websites, wiki pages, fansites and a selection of 92 wallpapers. I check and regularly visit all the sites listed in this post, so they are all Ijah-approved. Go here: Final Fantasy Stuff at Killing Time wih Ijah Amran

I leave you with Zack Fair and Cloud Strife; one each for the road :-)

Crisis Core


Cloud Strife from Advent Children





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3 responses to “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core & Advent Children Guide

  1. Anonymous

    thanx man !!!!!!! i really got wat i was looking for the way the events are in order!!!!!! once again thanx !

  2. Ijahamran

    No problem, glad to be of some help.

  3. mohd azlan

    yoooooooo bad

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