By popular demand, I am grouping my travel guides under one page. Haven’t had time to do them all though, so this page will be updated sporadically at best. Over the years I have traveled quite a bit, at least to 24 different countries on last count, but these guides will only cover cities that I am familiar with. Hopefully I will have lots of opportunity in the future to visit other cities as frequently as these and write guides for them too. Top of my list to visit, not withstanding my Top 10 Travel Wishlist, would be Tokyo, LA (specifically to grovel my way to an E3 convention), Morocco and Mauritius. Here’s hoping :-)

The Guides:

  1. Super Easy Guide to Universal Studios, Singapore
  2. Super Easy Guide to Singapore
  3. Super Easy Guide to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town, Malaysia
  4. Super Easy Guide to Medan, Indonesia
  5. Super Easy Guide to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
  6. Super Easy Guide to Langkawi Island, Malaysia
  7. Super Easy Guide to Disneyland, Hong Kong
  8. Super Easy Guide to Bangkok, Thailand
  9. Super Easy Guide to Phuket, Thailand
  10. Super Easy Guide to Jakarta, Indonesia
  11. Super Easy Guide to Bandung, Indonesia
  12. Super Easy Guide to Bali, Indonesia
  13. Super Easy Guide to London, United Kingdom
  14. Super Easy Guide to Kuala Lumpur
  15. Super Easy Guide to Frankfurt, Germany

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