05/04/2012: I took down this page before but since there are requests…

I have uploaded some of my original songs, you can find my youtube channel here:

You can also download the tracks and lyrics for 22 songs in one single file right here; the file size is 42MB, takes about 5-15mins depending on your internet connection speed. All the rustic buzzing and interference are purely unintended; all part and parcel of recording your stuff using a creaky mic and a cranky laptop.

If you wanna re-record or perform any of these, go ahead. Just drop me a note at so that I can listen to your version of it.

For liner notes and all that jazz, go to Songs to Kill Time – Redux.

In meantime, the awfully verbose and high-pitched 3-song set from Maskara Makwe-Makwe on 31/03/2012:

8 responses to “Songs

  1. wade

    apa nama lagu kau yang feel country skit intro dia tu?
    lupa dah..
    that’s my fav
    u shud promote all ur songs yg lama dulu
    (bila pikir balik, lama gak hehe)

    btw. . Gemilang mmg berantu

  2. I think it’s I Wrote This.

  3. Wade, I looked up Gemilang on youtube.

    I still think the song is good, but I would have done the arrangement differently. The guitar riff that follows the melody is totally killing the mood. Or maybe I feel that way because this is a bad copy of the song (it’s from a karaoke video)?

    Nak do a cover of this?

  4. k am planning a gig. Let you know details when final.

  5. azil

    ijah yayang
    i luvvvv ur song

  6. azil

    yap, i miss u too

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