Sick. AGAIN!

I am sick again. I am sick of being sick.

When I commented to my doctor that I seem to be falling sick very often (almost on a monthly basis! Someone can sneeze within the next 200km radius and I get a cold), there were a few theories:

  1. I don’t get enough sleep. Well I used to not getting enough sleep. But of recent times, I have been quite good at not waiting til the clock strikes 3am before fluffing my pillow and go to sleep. Okay, tonight is an exception because my nose is blocked and my head’s too stuffed for me to be relaxed enough to sleep.
  2. I eat too close to nap time. No no no no no. Impossible. There is no food in the house. Okay, there are a lot of food in the house but trust me when I say it is almost next to impossible for me to fire up the stove and cook something up. I’d rather starve and that’s an understatement.
  3. I don’t sanitize my mobile phone or keyboard or PSP. When this was suggested, I thought it made sense. It’s logical right? You bring your phone everywhere, you put them on the table or on top of the cistern at a public toilet without even thinking. Then, the next time it rings, you bring it right up to your face. So now, every few days or so I will use one of those waterless hand sanitizers (yes Adli, you know which one I am talking about), spritz them onto a piece of tissue and rub rub rub rub rub. But guess what, I am still sick! I can’t be any more cleaner than I already am.
  4. I don’t get enough vitamins and minerals. Come to my kitchen table and count the bottles of supplements on it. Then go to the kitchen and look under the tabletop where the microwave sits. Then go to Awa’s dresser and rummage through the small basket on top of it. Vitamins vitamins vitamins everywhere.
  5. I’m just ‘lembik’ (a sissy). Ok, possible. But whoever said that has never seen me scold Job. Or Adli.

In the end I figured it out. I am embarrassed to explain how I figured what was keeping me sick again and again, and I don’t have any scientific evidence to back me up, but I am pretty sure my theory is close.

It’s my security blanket. There, I said it.

You see, I have this pink blanket that I had been using for, oh, 10 years or so. I use a duck-down-filled comforter (and I have 2 of those that I wash and alternate regularly) as my ‘official’ blanket. The pink one is my unofficial one. Meaning, all I do with it is to put it under my head, I know that sounds strange but I can never get my pillow to feel quite right (too lumpy, too soft, too hard, too flat etc) unless I bunch up the pink blanket on top of it.

Now, obviously over the years the pink blanket is reduced to a small, tattered rag. It has been torn so many times all I am left with is this small square piece of blanket that I am too afraid to wash coz I can guarantee you it will disintegrate. So…. I haven’t been washing it! In fact I can’t remember the last time that I did.

Yah. I jumped right out of bed when I figured it out.  I am mortified!!!!!!  The pink blanket now is in the trash can. Honest. At first I put it in my dirty clothes hamper so that I can wash it the next time I do my laundry but when I got back from work today I decided to trash it. Done. No more.

So we’ll see next month if my health improves. For now, I need to shop for a new pillow.

If you too have your own version of my pink blanket – don’t kid yourself. TRASH IT AND MOVE ON!!!!



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2 responses to “Sick. AGAIN!

  1. Amiaq

    mmmmmmmm…. i’m so out of clues…. anti oxidant…omega 3 4 5 6 7 8 9… u were with Rochem you know better.. get well

  2. Amiaq

    Haaa got it…. just like the malay practice or whatever with snake bites…once bitten you catch the culprit, bite its tail off to counter the poison… so you rebus the PINK blanket and drink its juice that might help…. will it…. who knows

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