Everyone loves a Disney princess. This page groups the stylized and re-imagined Disney Princesses photos that I found all over the web. I don’t own any of these, information about the originators and links are provided in the individual posts.


Click on the links to get there.


Link: Cover Girl Disney Princesses (6 photos)

Jasmine Cover Girl Disney Princesses by


Link: Sexy Disney Princesses (14 photos)


Link: Real Girls as Disney Princesses (4 photos)

Pocahontas Real Girls as Disney Princesses by


Link: Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses (5 photos)

Belle Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by


Link: Realistic Disney Princesses (6 Photos)

Snow White Realistic Disney Princesses by


LINK: Megapost Disney Princesses (51 photos)

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