The Super Easy Guide to Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore Welcome Sign

Hi guys, thanks for coming here. Before you read this guide, please note that I am just a private citizen and I am not affiliated or working for any of the attractions or services or tourism boards for any of the places I listed below. This guide is simply a “how-to” that recounts how we plan our holidays; it will not be able to cover all aspects of travel planning.

I appreciate all the comments and feedback; however I’d like you to know that I may not be able to answer certain questions – especially those that are better directed to the theme park operators  or the public transport service providers themselves, or even the tourism board. For these, I urge you to click on the links I have provided inside the guide(s) and look for the information you need in there; and if you can’t find them to contact the appropriate customer support personnel to get assistance. I try as much as possible to answer any questions that readers post in here as I know how stressful planning for a holiday can be. However, lots of these questions are repetitive and are already answered in the guide or in the comments section. So, please take the time to read the guide and comments sections first as chances are your enquiries would have been covered in there somewhere.




RWS is the home of Universal Studios Singapore (USS), and the park finally had the pleasure of welcoming me and Mama Azlina and family and my youngest sister Mimi.  Our motley group had 2 kids (ages 5 and 12 respectively), a set of parents (Mama Azlina and Hubby) and 2 hot young thing (me and Mimi, of course). This is my quick guide for those who want to make that short trip to Resorts World Sentosa but don’t want to sell an arm and a leg to do so.

USS Tickets

We had to pull the children out of school for 3 days (Wed-Fri) in order to make this trip as USS tickets were completely sold out during the school holiday period. So the first thing that you need to do before you plan anything else is to buy the entrance tickets to USS. The easiest and cheapest way to buy tickets is to buy it online directly from the  RWS website, as other sites may charge you additional fees. There are several options for you to choose from. These are the current prices (snapshot taken from the RWS site, please go there for more details):

RWS Ticket Prices (Dec 2012)

Side note about Universal Express: This pass allows you to go in front of the line for all  the attractions so you don’t have to suffer the 45mins wait for certain rides. This is an additional pass to your entrance tickets and must be purchased PER PERSON. The prices change depending on date and season. We did not take this pass so yes we had to suffer. If you go in a big group, this pass is a must. In our case, I was the only one who had interest in the roller coasters so our wait at the various queues was relatively short, 20 mins at the most.

There is various stay + play packages available if you intend to make a meal out of it. Check the RWS site from time to time to see the promotions it offers.

Travel Plans

Ijah at the Danga Bay Marina, against a backdrop of the cruise ship

Ijah at the Danga Bay Marina, against a backdrop of the cruise ship

First you have to decide:

  1. Do you want to go directly to Singapore and stay there; or
  2. Do you want to go to Johor Bahru and commute to Singapore?

The difference between the two is minimal in terms of travel expenses but huge in terms of accommodation cost. Convenience-wise, as a frequent visitor to Singapore I feel there isn’t much difference as you still need to hop into a taxi or take the MRT to RWS unless you stay within the resort itself;  if you stay in JB you need to take a shuttle bus ride to RWS. Thanks to immigration checkpoints at Tg Kupang and Woodlands this journey may take about 1 hour to complete. But the ride was pleasant and comfortable so I don’t have any complaints.

The Odyssey shuttle bus to RWS is located at Tune Hotel and costs RM25 return, it is on the ground floor beside 7-11.

Details for bus:


If you want to fly to JB, check out Firefly or AirAsia (from RM300++/pax for return airfare, depending on how early you book) for flight schedule to Senai Airport (or Changi Airport, if you want to go to Singapore directly).

For our second trip to USS, we took Jetstar Airways, it departs from KLIA Main Terminal and lands at Terminal 1, Changi Airport. We bought the tickets for 2 adults + 1 child 2 days before departure date and it cost us RM670 total for the round trip. AirAsia was RM400++ more expensive and Tiger Airways, though cheap, did not suit our schedule.

Intercity Coach (Bus)

You can also take the intercity coach @RM62 return (or RM160++ if you opt to go directly to Singapore) from The taxi fare from JB to Danga Bay is between RM4-10 depending on traffic condition. The JB buses stop at Larkin Bus and Taxi Terminal, which is the main intercity transportation hub; while the buses to Singapore has different stops depending on which bus service you take.


The flight schedule didn’t suit us, and with the many luggages that we had between the 6 of us, we chose to drive to Johor Bahru (JB) i.e. Danga Bay to be exact, and took the daily shuttle to USS. The drive was quite short and pleasant, it took a total of 3 hours including 1 rest stop for brunch. Danga Bay is literally across the straits to Singapore. To drive there, use the PLUS North-South Expressways (toll fare RM44.30 one way from Shah Alam to Skudai) heading towards Johor Bahru,  then take the exit to Skudai Highway (Federal Route 1) via the Danga Bay interchange which becomes the Jalan Skudai Route J1, near Istana Bukit Serene. It is less than 7mins away from Johor Bahru’s city centre.



If you want to stay in SG, please go to to check out hotel rates. Hotels are expensive, a decent one will cost you around RM600++ a night (excl. taxes). Of course there are lower end ones but I strongly do not recommend these if you are travelling with your family as these are better suited for backpackers or (super) budget travelers.

We stayed in Hotel M (which is part of the Millenium Group) located at the financial district i.e. Jalan Anson, go to its website for weekend deals and so on. We took the Weekend Escapade package which was 20% off the rack rates (very good deal!) at RM1067 nett for 3D2N (works out to about RM400/night).  The taxi fare to USS was less than SGD6. If you want to take the MRT, you should stop at HarbourFront station and then take a free shuttle to RWS from there. The MRT station Tanjong Pagar is only about 5mins walk away from hotel.


There are many to choose from if you opt to stay in JB City Centre. Within the small  business park near the Danga Bay Marina, I could only see 2 budget hotels i.e. Kozi Hotel (which we stayed in @RM138/night for the Family Room) and Tune Hotel, both are located about a block from each other. The shuttle bus to RWS is located at Tune Hotel and costs RM25 return.

I have stayed in Tune Hotel Bali before. Frankly, there was nothing wrong with it. It was small but clean and comfortable and it has all the amenities that you’d want from a budget hotel. The only grouse was there was no TV, but who goes on a holiday to watch TV? In case you have never stayed in Tune Hotel before, the hotel rate changes depending on when you book (the earlier the cheaper) and the things that you add-on.

A basic room costs about RM50/night (it comes with ceiling fan and basic bedroom set); then you choose everything else (airconditioning, towel, toilettries kit, cable TV, internet access, hair dryer, insurance and shuttle bus fare). No complimentary anything. If you are travelling on a really tight budget, this is a great option. Just bring your own towels and soap bar, and elect fo 12hrs airconditioning to be used at night when you go to sleep.

For internet access, there’s a lot of free wifi offered in the cafes and restaurants around the business park. The park also has a few karaoke joints, bars and high-speed internet cafés. Danga Bay itself has some tourist attractions like the petting zoo, amusement park that you can explore (check the link I gave above) but we didn’t get to do much apart from going to the Plaza Angsana Mall and the Marina for early dinner. Food and entertainment are definitely not a problem in Danga Bay.

Kozi Hotel room is the same size as Tune Hotel’s, but it is a full-service budget hotel, which means the rate includes all the amenities (cable TV, internet access etc) and complimentary hot drinks and bottled water. We took 2 rooms with adjoining door for a total of RM552 for 2 nights. Mama Azlina lost her keycard (RM10) and requested for more pillows (RM10 for each pillow); the RM50 deposit was refundable at the end of stay. And yes housekeeping came to straighten up the room while we were away.

I have to manage your expectations a little bit. Budget hotel rooms are small and usually don’t come with built-in closets so don’t be a bitch about it if you stay in one. If you want bigger rooms, stay in regular hotels at the City Centre where there are plenty to choose from. Hotels like Thistle, Pan Pacific and Grand Bluewave starts at RM250++/night.

I usually use or for all my hotel needs.

USS Dissected

Questions from readers answered, in a quick lightning round:

  1. What happens if it rains?  The ticket is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. So, pick another day. If you are already in the park and it rains halfway through, there is no refund. Stick it out and dance in the rain like you are 5yo again.
  2. Do I have to pay for the rides in USS? Nope. Once you are in, all rides are yours for the riding. I think the rock-climbing section will require additional fees, and for you to don appropriate protective gear. But elsewhere, the fees are already included in your entrance ticket.
  3. Can I bring my bag when I go on the rides? No no no no no for roller coaster rides, the rest is fine. There are racks guarded by park attendants and you can put your bags and other stuff  here right before you take a seat in the roller coaster. I’ve never had any bad experience like having my bags stolen or rummaged through – everything was there like my purse, electronics, make-up etc. It’s monitored by CCTV too, so if you suspect there’s been theft or that someone has gone through your stuff, the perpetrators can be easily identified and caught. Basically what I am saying is chill out – just leave your stuff on the racks and have a good time.
  4. Is there free wifi throughout the park? Yes, but don’t expect to find any power socket to juice up your laptop when the battery is dead.
  5. Is there a surau for prayers for Muslim patrons? Yes there is one, near the main entrance, inside the Guest Services building. Ask for the key from the concierge if the room is locked.
  6. Is there Halal restaurants? Yes lots, read the rest of this guide for info.
  7. Is it disabled-friendly? Yes. Also, if you need further assistance, just check-in at the Guest Services building near the main entrance of USS and they’d be happy to help you.
  8. Can I bring my own food? No, but you can bring your own bottled mineral water. Chewing gum is a no no, ok, USS is STILL on Singapore soil even if it feels like California.
  9. Are the roller coaster rides scary? All roller coaster rides are scary – some are scarier than others. There are rules and height requirements to ride these, so please check the rider’s guide first so that you can plan your day. There are other stuff to do there apart from taking rides, so if you are scared of heights or speed don’t be concerned, there are other things that will keep you occupied.

There are 7 8 distinct sections of USS, see below. For performance times and character meet-and-greet see the schedule here (may change from time to time), and see the park’s interactive map here.

  1. Hollywood
  2. New York
  3. Sci-Fi City
  4. Ancient Egypt
  5. The Lost World
  6. Far Far Away
  7. Madagascar
  8. NEW! Transformers (when we went there, this section was yet to be opened)

The sections are laid out in circular fashion. The entertainment is basically divided into 4 categories:

  1. Outdoor rides (roller coasters of various kinds, flying rides,  water rides etc)
  2. Indoor shows (“live” performances, stage shows, 4-D movies, special effects stage)
  3. Walking attractions (various mascots walking around and scheduled performances on the street – ask for a flyer when you get there for the schedules)
  4. Photo ops (everywhere you can think of)
Sci-Fi City at Universal Studios Singapore

Sci-Fi City at Universal Studios Singapore. From L to R: Amar, IA, Mimi and Amin

Make sure you have these in your bag:

  1. Camera with fresh batteries
  2. A lightweight raincoat or umbrella (in case it rains)
  3. Bottled water
  4. Wet wipes – with so many people around, you never know what you will accidentally touch, or people can spill things on you etc this.
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Candy or sweets (your blood pressure and stress level can rise really fast so have some candy handy)
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Flip flops
  9. Hand fan. If you forget to get one, it is sold throughout the park for SGD2 I think. Great for quick blast of cool wind to the face.

If you are going only for a day, I suggest you spend the first half for 1 & 4, and the second half for 2 & 3. The reason is because the wait for rides can take a very long time (between 5-45mins). If you go through the park in a haphazard way you will get tired pretty fast (Singapore sun is just as cruel as the Malaysia sun, ok). So, finish all your rides in the morning when you still have lots of juice, and the shows in the afternoon when the airconditioning and dark theatres will be a much welcomed respite. Certain rides will require you to be of certain height and dimensions (horizontal-wise!) and of good physical condition.

Read this rider’s guide first. It’s also a good document for you to print so that you can plan which rides you want to tackle first. There are a lot of Halal food joints within USS. They allow you to bring your own bottled water but nothing that you can keep in a tupperware so basically your bihun goreng and karipap are out. A cheap way to replenish yourself is by buying the USS drinking bottle (SGD12++) and then refilling it with soda or ice lemon tea for SGD2 each time at the many drinking stall peppering the park. Get your visitors info here.

Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studios Singapore

Far Far Away Castle at Universal Studios Singapore. From L to R: IA, Amin, Mimi and Amar

We did the following:

  • Lights, Camera, Action!® Hosted by Steven Spielberg: a special-effects stage show depicting the scene from a Level 5 typhoon disaster in New York
  • Revenge of the Mummy®: an indoor roller-coaster ride in near pitch-dark track. Don’t forget to smile at the camera. The dark adds to the excitement coz you don’t know when is the next dip. I like. The walk to the ride’s entrance is a long one and staged like a cave so it gets darker and darker as you get deeper and deeper.
  • Treasure Hunters®: The waiting line for this ride was 45mins! The ride itself is a slow 2-min jeep ride on a circular track to see mechanical animal like crocs, snakes – totally not worth it. I strongly recommend you skipping this altogether
  • Dino-Soarin’®: This is a flying ride where you “train” baby pterodactyl to fly by pushing the white button at the steering wheel. Nice one if you have kids with you. Kinda lame if you get on it on your own.
  • Magic Potion Spin®: it’s a little like the crazy cup ride in Disneyland, the difference is you don’t have to steer. Not scary at all but a nice time to have with all in the family. We screamed like banshees and flailed our arms around to add some drama on the otherwise unadventurous ride.
  • Shrek 4-D Adventure®: This is an indoor 4-D stage show, 4-D meaning they also include physical sensory experiences like water spraying onto your face when Donkey sneezes at the screen (and I went “yuck!”). A lot of fun.
  • Enchanted Airways®: a very short outdoor roller coaster, if you are scared of roller coasters in general, this is about as scary as it gets for you.
  • Pantages Hollywood Theater®: Monster Rock: a 21-min song and dance featuring various monsters from the Munsters. It’s a passable musical, if you can call it that, but the audience we were with was quite stiff (pun intended). Each monster sings a song and there was some local/recent references like Nobody But You by Wondergirls and It’s My Life by Bon Jovi so it wasn’t completely alien. I think the crowd was taking itself too seriously but I had a good time singing and dancing along. I would like to say that I am a very good and supportive audience, any performers would be lucky to have me in their show!

  • Donkey LIVE®: this is an indoor stage-show which is a combination of motion sensor animation and live singing. Basically Donkey of the Shrek fame is promoting his new single I Smell Nice (sung to the tune of I Feel Good) and in between he chats with the audience and cracks jokes (he wasn’t so funny when we were there but we were the last audience for the day so Donkey may have ran out of steam).

We missed the following rides and a few street shows and mascot walkabout:  

  • Accelerator®
  • Battlestar Galactica®
  • Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
  • Canopy Flyer
  • King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round®
  • Madagascar: A Crate Adventure®
Street performance by the Hollywood Quarter in front of Mel's Drive-In at Universal Studios Singapore

Street performance by the Hollywood Quarter in front of Mel’s Drive-In at Universal Studios Singapore. Can anyone get me the name and phone number of this boy, please? Pretty please?

We had briyani and roasted chicken at Casa Del Wild in the Madagascar section, then hot dogs and fries at Mel’s Drive In, and coffee and cakes at the Celebrity Café and Bakery. All these outlets are Halal. The list of F&B directory can be found here. Here’s a simple breakdown of our expenses when we were inside USS (4 adults, 1 teen + 1 child):

  • Food expenses= SGD150 (including drinks and ice cream that we had as we were walking around)
  • Flip flops and hand fans = SGD40 (after our sneakers and ballet flats failed us – I actually walked barefoot for a bit)
  • Souvenirs = SGD150 (candies, pens, fridge magnets, notebooks..the usual stuff).

All in all the 3D/2N trip cost about RM3,000 for a family of 6, around RM500/pax which makes it a very affordable holiday I must say. I also must add that the night prior to the USS trip we drove to SG for a night out, which was an adventure of its own but one that does not belong in this guide. So, I’ll save that story for some other time.

Will I go again? Absolutely! Much thanks to Mama Azlina for planning the trip & treat :-)


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  4. very helpful with complete info….
    thanks for sharing…

  5. No worries, hope it helps.

  6. Anonymous

    Your blog is very helpful. But I do have a question, after Singapore, we are planning to have a sifde trip in Malaysia, is it better to travel by bus or plane? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

    • Let me just clarify what you mean first. Do you mean that you are going to Singapore, and after that you intend to visit Malaysia? It depends on where in Malaysia that you want to visit. If you are going to the states on the south part i.e. Kuala Lumpur, Melaka. Johor etc, going by bus is perfectly fine and journey will take between 1-6hrs, depending on where you are going. But if you are going up north (Penang, Langkawi) or to the east coast (Terengganu, Pahang) for the beaches or rainforest, I’d suggest you fly because the travelling will take a lot of time.

      If you have two days to spare, go to Melaka, the express bus trip takes about 4-5hrs (one way). It is a nice, historical state and very tourist-friendly. Sleep there one night so that you can explore the night market, lots of things to see and eat in Melaka The bus ticket can be bought online here:, costs SGD20.80 (one way) and the various buses to Melaka depart hourly.

      If by side trip you mean that you want to explore Johor Bahru for a day trip, which is across the straits to Singapore, take the coach to Tune Hotel (you can buy the ticket at the bus area in the lower ground bus lot at Universal Studios). Journey will take about 1hr (one way) and it stops in front of the Hotel. From there, you can get a taxi to go exploring Danga Bay (previously known as Lido Beach); or to Johor Bahru itself which is the state capital of Johor Check the links I included in this reply to read up abt these places and its tourist attractions.

      If you have any other place in mind, just let me know. It is safe to take either bus or plane to Malaysia no matter where the destination is, the only thing you need to be concerned is time management.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, thank you very much. Actually, I only have 2 days to spent in Singapore and 2 days in Malaysia so I guess, I’ll just visit Kuala Lumpur for the meantime. But due to time constraint, I’m thinking if the bus travel might eat most of my time.

      • Yes if you are doing KL, then maybe taking a flight is the better idea but even then you will not be able to see much. KL is a less hectic version of Singapore, there are some nice bits for sightseeing but mostly tourists come to KL mainly for the shopping (Bukit Bintang area is a must, lots of food to eat there too). Jetstar and Tiger Airways offer very competitive rates if you are thinking of flying. Please note that KL is still a good 1 hr away from the airport, so after you land and going through immigration etc, you still hv to endure 1hr bus or taxi ride to get to the city. Anyway, let me know how it goes and if you need any help finding your way around.

      • Anonymous

        Ohh, I love shopping! Thanks for the info. But does Malaysia has an airport train or a train near the airport that goes to Kuala Lumpur directly so I can save up some travel time? Thanks!

      • There are 3 low-cost airlines that fly to KL-SG daily: AirAsia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar.

        The first two land in LCCT Sepang, which is our low-cost terminal. If you are here, you can buy the express bus ticket @RM8 (the counter is right before you exit the arrival hall) to KL Sentral, which is the main bus/train hub in KL.

        Jetstar lands in KLIA Main Terminal. From here, the fastest way to the city is to take the ERL Express @RM35, which is the express train that also arrives at KL Sentral. I have never taken express bus to/from KLIA but you can get the info and prices here Bus is of course cheaper than ERL.

        KL Sentral: if by bus you will need to take an escalator/lift up to the ground floor coz the bus terminal is in its lower ground. If by ERL, it will stop on the ground floor. From here it is easy to make your way around. If your hotel is in the city centre, the safest way is taking a taxi. Go to the first floor (look for McDonald’s, it shd be on your right) then go up the escalator near it. The taxi counter would be near the exit. Fares depend on destination, you will hv to buy a coupon for it. Generally taking a taxi using the coupon system is more expensive than the ones you flag at roadside, but it is safer and you get a receipt. I use taxis all the time but I hv to admit our taxi drivers are horrible.

        Depending on where you are staying in the city, you can also take the Light Railway Transit (LRT) which is the commuter train into the city.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you so much for the info. I’ll be staying in Corus Hotel so I guess, it’s near the city centre. You’ve been a great help. I hope to have a superb vacation in SG & KL. Just in case, you want to travel in the Philippines, I can also help you out. Feel free to email me anytime. :)

      • Anonymous

        One last question :) Do you have a link of the bus schedules from SG to Kuala Lumpur? Because if they have a 6am departure, I’ll just take the bus so I can also experience it :) Thanks a lot!

      • Sure, here you go:

        Corus Hotel is right in the city centre, walking distance to KLCC, LRT station is abt 2mins walk away. Perfect for tourists. I think Aeroline Express actually stops at Corus’ lobby or the bus stop opposite it, vaguely remember my friends taking the bus to Singapore after work from there (I used to work in a bank very near to Corus Hotel).

        Thanks for the offer for Phil. I hv been to Manila a couple of times (for work) and hv lots of friends there. Such a nice, friendly place to be in and everyone seems to be able to sing! Karaoke is the national past time I guess :-)

        Hope you’ll hv a good time in KL and SG. Be safe!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! Hope you’ll be able to visit the Visayas part of the Philippines next time, we have good beaches here. If you have a free time, you can visit Boracay or Palawan. Again, thanks a lot. :)

  7. mimie

    hi, i have an inquiry. what if i wanna go there but from my house in batu pahat. which one is easy for me?either i go there by the bus from tune hotel or go there by myself (car)? which 1 would u suggest?? tq :)

    • I suggest you drive to Tune Hotel (Danga Bay), park and then get the USS bus from there. The problem with driving to Singapore (or USS) is that the waiting time to clear immigration can be very long esp if it is the weekend. The bus ride is only 1 hours (incl. immigration) and it stops inside USS, so all you need to do is ride the escalator up and you are there; costs RM25 return.

  8. Shaliyarizq

    Thanks a lot. Very infomative… Planning to go there end of may with my hubby n kidz..

    • Thanks, hope you and family will have fun. We are planning to go there again as well, possibly in Sept to catch the Harry Potter exhibition at ArtScience Museum (Marina Bay Sands), before our flight to Gold Coast OZ.

  9. ALYA

    Hello,how i want to book USS ticket without using credit card? because i am not a credit card user..

    • Well, you can try buying from as they accept bank transfers (Malaysian banks). How to do it:

      1) Go to
      2) Select Activity
      3) Select Singapore
      4) Fill in the date that you are going
      5) Scroll the page to find Universal Studios SG, select it and select date
      6) Click continue
      7) Select payment method.

      I think the price will be a little bit more than if you purchase directly from RWS website because airasiago charges a fee for this service. Fee varies from RM3-12 per ticket.

      If you want to buy using cash, you have to go to USS ticketing counter outside USS itself. But there is no guarantee you can go in, if the ticket for that day is sold out then you have to buy ticket for a different day.

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  11. Anonymous

    Hi! How much does a simple meal for one person in USS cost? I heard it was like S$30++ for a meal! Is it true?

    • Yes I think so, but only if you take set meals (main meal, dessert + drink). It does seem expensive when converted into RM, but normal by Singaporean standards.

      If you take individual ala-carte meals, it’s between SGD6-12 per plate. You can leave USS and eat outside at the boulevard cafes around Resorts World where prices will be a bit cheaper, then go back in (they will stamp your hand like they do in nightclubs) when you have eaten. Either way, don’t convert it to RM coz that is not a comparable thing.

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  13. It’s a really easy guide indeed! Thanks, I’ve linked you here ( so that my readers can benefit too. We sell discounted ticket bundles!

  14. Anonymous

    thanks very infrmative, but is there any over the counter ticket from any travel agency basically in JB? is there any package ticket n shuttle bus inclusive? is there any other bus pick up spot beside tune hotel? how about going to RWS by MRT?

    • Hi there, I am sorry but I do not have information on packages by hotels or travel agencies. For shuttle services form JB to SG, I suggest you browse and see what they have in there. I am only familiar with the shuttle from Tune Hotel. There are also packages offered through

      As for MRT, your final station should be Harbour Front. There is a mall there called Vivo City. From there, you take the bus to RWS (bus no RSW8) at the bus stop located right outside Vivo City, the ticket costs SGD2. Actually if you are up to it, you can walk from Vivo City to RWS. You can get full details on how to get to RWS from within Singapore here:

  15. Honey

    Hello, just wanna ask about the shuttle from tune hotel to uss , do we have to book it or we can just buy it on the day? Thx

  16. Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great post.

    • Thank you :) I love to travel and wrote this with hope that it will help make it easier for people to plan their holidays. Hope all is well and good in lovely Singapore.

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    sorry. can i know what time will the bus come for the trip to USS?

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    thanks for the info! :)

  19. Tiny

    Planning to go on November 14th, which will be on the last week of non-peak days of the year. It’ll be on a working day (Wednesday), so should I still get the Universal Express ticket?

    Thank you for the post on top by the way, I enjoyed reading it <3

    • BTW the express ticket is PER PERSON ya, not per group. So if there are 5 people in your group, and you want to ride everything together, then you need 5 express passes.

  20. I think you should be ok, if you get bored while waiting for the rides, play Bejeweled on the phone or something. I wld recommend the express pass only if you have young kids in your party. Hope you will enjoy the trip :)

  21. Aaron

    Can the USS Bottle bought without entering USS ? Especially the transformer bottles.

    • Yes you can. There is a stall near the entrance that sells them; they sell other stuff too. Bottle costs SGD25 or a bit more, can’t remember exactly coz I only bought the regular SGD8.90 one. BTW, if you own a bottle, you can just bring it along the next time you go there and get refills at SGD2 a pop. If you don’t, a regular coke would set you back at least SGD4.50 per paper cup.

  22. shc

    hi, your blog is very useful to me. thank you so much.

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    Hi! Thank you so much for your useful information on the your blog on USS!!! Really appreciate it!!!

  24. Nannie

    Hi … I thought of going there on the 16/11 as 17/11 s’pore will start their school holiday. Can we go in and out through out the day.
    Chi in website and was informed kids below 4 need not to pay but my colleague just went last nth was charged full amt.
    How to confirm on it, n the FireWorks do we need to pay extra

    • Hello Nannie,

      1. Yes you can go in and out throughout the day. They will stamp your hand with invisible ink that can be seen under a blacklight. When you want to go in again, they will just shine the blacklight to see the stamp. Just in case, keep your e-ticket handy.

      2. Yes children under 4 can enter for free. Have the birth certificate or MyKid (if you are Malaysian) with you so that you can show proof of age to the park attendants who are manning the entrance area. If in doubt, call their customer support at +65 6577 8888.

      3. USS closes around 7pm, with character parade happening at 5.30pm or 6.30pm (depending on dates). On weekends, the operation hours are extended til midnight for the “Hollywood After Party” where they have open air concert and numerous food stalls on the streets. Unlike Disneyland, there is no closing fireworks every night. They only have it on weekends at 9.30pm i.e. during the After Party. If you’ve already bought entrance ticket to the park, there is no additional charge for you to be there for After Party & fireworks. But if you don’t have any interest in going to the park and only want to go to the After Party, the ticket costs SGD20 (+ 1 free drink).

  25. ihsik

    your blog was very helpful :)
    I do have questions regarding the johor bahru and USS trip.
    But here is our iterinary:

    1st day: arrive at KLIA then go to Petronas tower and Berjaya times square
    after that go straight to Pudu Sentral to go to Larkin bus terminal in johor bahru

    question 1:from larkin bus terminal, how can we go to Tune hotel in danga bay?

    2nd day: go to legoland and hello kitty town in Puteri harbour for the whole day?

    question 2: from tune hotel how to go to puteri harbour (hello kitty town)?
    question 3: from hello kitty town to legoland?
    question 4: legoland to tune hotel?

    3rd day: spend the whole day at USS via odyssey shuttle service from tune hotel

    question 5: does tune hotel sells USS tickets?
    question 6: does the odyssey shuttle service wait for us while we where in the immigration?

    4th day: go back to kuala lumpur and see the Batu Caves then depart at night in KLIA

    question 7:from tune hotel how to go to Larkin bus terminal?
    question 8: from pudu sentral how can we go to Batu caves and from Batu Caves to KLIA?

    Kindly please help us on our trip. it was very much appreciated if you’ll answer all of my questions.

    • Hi Ihsik,
      I’d like to share some new info abt Legoland and Hello Kitty Town. Though the two places are close to each other ie about 5km apart, it is very difficult to get there if you do not drive or charter a taxi. We checked the taxi fare from airport to Legoland (distance about 30km) and it was RM70 one way. But apparently there is a bus service from Larkin to Legoland, you can get the info here:

      What I suggest is for you to ask the customer service ppl at Tune Hotel to help book you a taxi from Tune Hotel to Legoland. Fronm Legoland to Hello Kitty Town should not be a problem; Legoland is connected to a shopping mall called Mall of Medini and you can get taxis here easily though the price is higher than regular taxis as these are the premium, blue ones. If you would like to arrange for your own taxi directly, I saw a few cabs carrying the stickers; the phone numbers for the drivers are in there and you can call them to book.

  26. Hi Ihsik,

    My reply below

    1. From larkin bus terminal, how can we go to Tune hotel in danga bay? There is no public bus that I am aware of that services the route from JB to Danga Bay. Your best bet is to take a taxi. Take the red cabs as this services the city (the blue cabs are for inter-city and inter-state). But I must warn you though I am ashamed to say this: cabbies are notorious for conning foreign passengers/tourists and will charge crazy exorbitant fare. Technically it costs about RM10 (depending on traffic) to get from Larkin Bus Terminal to Tune Hotel; but they may charge you triple that or even more. I tried looking for taxi infos in JB, maybe you can call and pre-arrange your ride with one of these people. The website gave them 4**** so I think they are quite reliable but I don’t know any of the personal drivers listed here so I cannot vouch for them. Comfort is a taxi company:
    a) Nizam (Personal) +606 010 7790054
    b) Lin (Personal) +606 010 8855447
    c) Comfort Cab (Taxi Company) +606 07 332 2852

    2. From tune hotel how to go to puteri harbour (hello kitty town)? Legoland and Hello Kitty Town are nearby each other. I suggest you organize for a taxi using one of the above numbers. My answer would be the same for Q3, 4& 7.

    3. Does tune hotel sells USS tickets? No. You can purchase USS tickets online or at the gate itself. I recommended purchasing online because there is a fixed number of tickets being sold every day so avoid disappointment by booking early. The best rate is from its official website here:

    4. Does the odyssey shuttle service wait for us while we are in the immigration? Yes. The bus driver will ask you to go down and go through immigration; the bus will wait for you at the other side of immigration clearance. Same process when you come back from SG to MY.

    5. From pudu sentral how can we go to Batu caves and from Batu Caves to KLIA? I think for a tourist the best way is to head to KL Sentral first. KL Sentral is the main train hub (Pudu Sentral is the intercity bus hub). This is how you do it:

    a) Take the LRT Plaza Rakyat (the fast train) to Masjid Jamek. The LRT Plaza Rakyat is connected to Pudu Sentral so it should be no problem finding it. Ticket costs RM1.20.

    b) At the Masjid Jamek station, interchange your line and choose the LRT Putra heading towards Kelana Jaya. The stations are not under same roof as they used to be operated by separate companies, you have to walk a short distance to this station – just ask around where is the train station for KL Sentral and they should be able to point it out to you. Once you reach this station, purchase ticket to KL Sentral, it costs RM1.30.

    c) Once you are at KL Sentral, head to the KTM Komuter station (the signages will help you). You can purchase the ticket to Batu Caves here, costs RM2 or RM4 return. The train station will disembark very near to the tourist site, about 3mins walk.

    d) To go to KLIA, take the KTM Komuter train back to KL Sentral. Once you reach KL Sentral, look for the KLIA ERL Rapid Train, costs RM35. It will take you directly into KLIA, the ride is about 30mins.

    Buying train tickets is easy, just go to the kiosk, touch the destination you want to go to and pay the fare. You use the dispensed ticket to gain entry into the appropriate stations. If you don’t have the right amount of change, you can always buy them at the counter. All the service people should be able to understand and speak English fairly well, and the signages are usually in Bahasa Malaysia/English/Japanese so you should not have any problems. Hope you’ll have a nice trip. Can I know where you are from?

  27. Harlina

    Very interesting, informative and so much helpful for our future trip to USS. Thank you.

  28. ihsik

    Thank you very much ijahamran :) you help us a lot for the info.
    Can I ask another question.
    what is the travel time between larkin bus terminal to tune hotel,also KLIA to LCCT? Do you have any tips for bringing a child, we’re travelling with a 1 year old baby?
    May God bless you! :D
    By the way I’m from the Philippines. have you been in the Philippines?

  29. The distance between Johor Bahru (where the Larkin Bus Terminal is located) to Danga Bay (where Tune Hotel is) is only about 7km, so it takes around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. I am not familiar with taking public transport there as I am not originally from JB, so this is just an estimate.

    From KLIA to LCCT is about 10-15 minutes. Actually the 2 airports are very close to each other but the feeder bus has to enter the highway. There are regular bus services between the two airports every 15minutes. The cost is RM3.00 one way. More info abt the buses here but you need to check with KLIA’s information counter to find out where they are located as it is not stated on the website:

    From LCCT to Kuala Lumpur (the city) is about 1.5hrs by bus, or 40-60mins by taxi.

    I’ve never travelled with a baby so can’t share with you any tips. But I think the Batu Caves portion will be hard on the baby because the worship location is hot and not baby-friendly. You should be fine at Legoland/Hello Kitty Town/USS.

    Yes I have been to Phil (Manila) several times for work. Nice place, party every night of the week :)

    Have nice and safe trip!

  30. Dimuthu

    Thanks for the information. This will help me when i tour USS early next year. keep up the good work.
    I have One question for you please
    If i enter USS at 10.00 AM how many hours it would take me to cover all the attarctions ? (will assume it is not a public holiday) ?

    • That’s hard to estimate coz there are so many variables eg how many people are in your group, the weather, the waiting times at the rides (anywhere between 5-90mins depending on the popularity of the rides), how many breaks you are going to take etc. Also, some of the shows like WaterWorld and the Phantom of the Rock Opera only happen twice a day so you have to catch it at the right times. We have been there 3 times, all on weekdays and non-public school holiday period (but considered peak due to festive seasons) and we stayed at the park from 10am-7pm without being able to cover everything in one visit.

  31. dimuthu

    Appriciate your comment on my question and thank you very much. I am Just curios of the attaractions there because i have never visited USS. So Kindly Advice me what are the attractions i must Visit first.? If u could name Most Crowded once to least Crowded Attractions it would be a grate help me to plan our Ride.
    Take Care

    • The most crowded is the Transformers 3D ride (60-90mins); the least would be the open-air roller coasters Cylon and Galactica at about 5mins; the rest varies between 15-45mins depending on its popularity and this can change from day to day depending on weather and no of people in the park. I gave my suggestions in the guide above, so just scroll down to the “USS Dissected” segment to see it.

      Generally, use the morning time to do all the outdoor rides EXCEPT Transformers; and afternoon time to do the shows and indoor rides. Try to ride Transformers as late in the day as possible, like 6pm onwards after the parade is over as the crowd wld have thinned down and the waiting time is not as long.

      The best way to plan your trip is to download the park map here and plot it your route from there, taking into account the times and location of the performances. So, the minute you enter USS, get the park’s daily schedule (it is available all over the place) to see that day’s performance and character meet-and-greet times and location and mark it on the park map. A general indication of times is available on the website here but this may change.

      The park is laid out in a circular fashion so it is not practical to choose rides based on its waiting time; makes more sense to choose based on location. You will not want to have to walk around the park a few times as it will be very tiring. I always start from the right (Hollywood/New York) and make my way around ending at Madagascar til we come back to the entrance again.

  32. dimuthu

    I Appriciate the advices and informations given by you in this blog and the quick response to the my question. You are really an expert in this subject wish you all the best in your future endevours. Thank you very much.

  33. Anonymous

    hi. i have an inquiry. I will be staying at tune hotel johor bahru this december for 3 nights. then go straight to USS. Is it possible if i book to odyssey shuttle bus at tune hotel a one way trip only? (From tune hotel johor bahru to universal studio) If possible, can i book through online? If a 4 yr old child is going to take the shuttle with is it free?

  34. Ekin

    Thank you so much for the info :)

  35. jazilah

    may I know for the universal express ticket do we have to pay it per person or one ticket for each group?

  36. There is no more peak and non peak for Universal Studios Singapore anymore. It is just 1 standard ticket now, selling at $74.

  37. Anonymous

    thanks for a very detail info.
    may i know regarding the shuttle bus from JB (tune hotel). Do we need to book or buy ticket in advance?? please advice. thank you =)

  38. Anonymous

    thanks for the info.very helpful :)

  39. dimuthu

    i have planned a trip to uss on 18th april 2013 (Thursday). Do I need to purchase entry tickets immidiately now ? or what would be the most suitable time to purchase entry tickets. ? Is it possible to buy tickets from the entrance. ?

    • There is a limit to tickets that are sold in a day, so as I have explained in the guide, before you do anything else, you MUST buy the tickets first so that you are ensured entry. Tickets are valid for a period of 3 months (180 days), so if you are unable to go on the planned date, you can always choose another day as long as the ticket hasn’t expire.

      Yes you can buy the tickets at entrance, if they are still available. The line is quite long, but I cannot estimate how long is the waiting time because I have never bought mine there.

      I am not able to answer when is the most suitable time to buy tickets as I always buy all my tickets online in advance.

      I would suggest you go to the RWS website and direct your questions concerning ticketing etc there as they would be the best person to assist you.

  40. dimuthu

    thank you for the reply and whish you and your family very happy new year.


    i dont have credit card? i want to buy USS ticket? how? in this web, there are no all this step that u show before

    1) Go to
    2) Select Activity
    3) Select Singapore
    4) Fill in the date that you are going
    5) Scroll the page to find Universal Studios SG, select it and select date
    6) Click continue
    7) Select payment method.

    now there are only flight, hotel, flight+hotell..thats all?
    so, how can i buy the ticket?

  42. dimuthu

    I have a one question about the entrance fees please give me some advice on this.
    My Grand Father who is now 60+ also join us tour to singapore during april 2013.
    Entance ticket to Universal Studios indicates Senior Citizens age 60+ price is S$ 36. This Senior citizen catogary is only for singapore citizens or any one who is 60 + can buy for this rate ??

    hope u will answer me quickly because i want to buy tickets soon.


  43. Anonymous

    Hai i am going to USS tis coming april and stay in Johor..just want to ask if i can bring the formula milk and food for my baby to enter in singapore.

  44. Mar

    Great post! Very informative, thanks! :)

    Can I clarify 1 thing though: You stayed at Kozi but used the shuttle from Tune to USS? So the shuttle is NOT only for Tune hotel guests? Where can I buy the shuttle tixs (I think on Tunes website is only if you book a room there)?

    • Yes, the bus is not owned by Tune Hotel, they just happened to be a tenant in one of the shoplots in Tune Hotel and also sell their tickets via Tune Hotel’s website.

      You can buy the tickets from their counter near 7-11 at Tune Hotel or book via the following. They only accept cash so no online purchase is available at the moment.

      Odyssey can be reached at 1 800 6397739 (In Singapore) or +65.6252.8366 (If calling from outside Singapore), on or and email

  45. kaze

    thank you SO much for your kind effort. appreciate it! now i know what to ride and what to avoid! LOL

  46. Haulilah bin Ahmad

    Hey Ijahraman.

    Your information really helps.
    Thanks and god bless

  47. Anonymous

    Hi! We will stay at the Pariss Hotel Skudai,how far is it to Tune Hotel,Danga Bay where we can buy a bus tiket going to USS? Tnx

  48. hong

    Hi, may i know is there any fast food like Mc donald at USS? TQ..^^

    • No there isn’t. Just like any other theme parks, all the restaurants and cafes inside USS belong to USS. If you exit USS and go to the restaurants around the RWS area you will have more food choices but there is no fast food restaurants in the area as well. You can re-enter the park as long as it is on the same day and you got your hand stamped.

  49. jhyng placido

    thanks for the info! :) very informative!
    can u please help me know the exact place/location on how can i get to the place… and where i can find the bus station…

    this is my itinerary:

    1st day: arrive at KLIA…( any suggestions for the cheapest and affortable hotel?? 1 night only :) i prefer Cititel… not yet booked
    Places i’ld like to visit
    * Petronas Twin Tower (photo stop)
    * King’s Palace (photo stop)
    * National Monument
    * National Mosque (photo stop)
    * Independence Square
    * Batu Caves
    2nd day: go to legoland and hello kitty town in johor for the whole day.
    reservation for 1 night at Hotel Sentral in Johor

    3rd day: go to Singapore
    * City tour

    4th day – spend the whole day at Univeral Studio Singapore

    5th day – go back to Kuala Lumpur…..then depart at night in KLIA

    1) how can we go to Cititel Express Hotel from KLIA
    2) from hotel to Batu Caves to Petronas Tower back to hotel
    3) from Cititel to bus station going to Johor to Hotel Sentral to LegoLand
    4) how to go to bus terminal to Singapore?

    Kindly please help us on our trip. it was very much appreciated if you’ll answer all of my questions. Maybe its better if i hire u as our tour guide… what do u think? im just kidding… i cant afford ur professional fee…. hehehe! i have a tight budget…

    Thank you so much in advance….

    Jhyng ;)

    • Hi Jhyng,

      1. How to get to Cititel Express Hotel
      Cititel Express Hotel is located in a busy street called Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR). However I am not familiar with the hotel so I am not sure which end of the long road the hotel is situated. So I cannot direct you on how to get there other than using a taxi and giving the taxi driver the address of the hotel (expensive).

      If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you rent a hotel that is near the LRT transportation hub because travelling around KL using the taxi can be very expensive. So it is better to pay a little bit more for the hotel room, but save on transportation cost. A good hotel would be CITITEL MIDVALLEY ( It costs RM210/night but its location is superb and it is connected to one of the biggest shopping malls in KL. If you decide to stay here, the easiest way to get there from KLIA is by taking the KLIA ERL (express train RM35/one way) to KL Sentral. Then from KL Sentral you can either take a taxi (it is only about 7mins away), or you can use the LRT (fast train) and go one station away to BANGSAR. When you reach the BANGSAR station, come down from the station and there will be a free bus to MidValley every 30mins (there is an electronic sign, also you can just ask around if you are unsure). Cititel is connected to MidValley; just look for Coffee Bean and the hotel is right next to it.

    • 2. How to get from Hotel to Batu Caves to Petronas Twin Tower etc.
      It doesn’t matter where you stay, in order for your to go anywhere, you need to get yourself to KL Sentral.

      Assuming you are staying at Cititel MidValley, take the free shuttle bus to Bangsar LRT Station. This free shuttle bus is available at the entrance of a cafe called Plan B. Once you reach Bangsar LRT Station, buy a token to go to KL Sentral.

      Once you are inside KL Sentral, head to the KTM Komuter station (just look for the sign that says KTM Komuter). You can purchase the ticket to Batu Caves here, costs RM2 or RM4 return. The train station will disembark very near to the tourist site, about 3mins walk. After you are finished with Batu Caves, just take the KTM Komuter back to KL Sentral. Then from KL Sentral, take the LRT to KLCC. The KLCC Station is inside the Twin Tower so all you have to do is exit the station and you will see the building. For photo op, walk to the KLCC park. If you have time to spare, I urge you to see the Twin Towers at night. It is very pretty.

      For the rest of your city journey, I suggest you take the Kuala Lumpur Hop On-Hop Off as it stops at all the places that you mentioned. You can get all the info that you need here:

      Buying train tickets is easy, just go to the kiosk, touch the destination you want to go to and pay the fare. You use the dispensed token to gain entry into the appropriate stations. If you don’t have the right amount of change, you can always change money at the counter. All the service people should be able to understand and speak English fairly well, and the signages are usually in Bahasa Malaysia/English/Japanese so you should not have any problems.

    • 3. From Cititel to bus station going to Johor to Hotel Sentral to LegoLand

      Again, I assume that you will be staying at Cititel Midvalley (not Cititel Express).

      From your hotel, take free shuttle to Bangsar LRT station. At the Bangsar Station, purchase token to PLAZA RAKYAT LRT station. Ok, this is where it gets a bit complicated. Ride the train and wait until you reach MASJID JAMEK station. When you get here, exit the train, then go up the escalator and change your train to the Seri Petaling line (you don’t have to buy new ticket, just need to change trains), If you are unsure, just ask the service people at the ticket counter. Get into the Sri Petaling LRT train, and ride it until you reach Plaza Rakyat. This is your stop. This station is connected to Pudu Sentral, which is the main bus hub. Check your bus ticket and go to the appropriate platform to take the bus to Johor.

      You will arrive at the Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor. I don’t know how to take public transportation from the bus terminal to Hotel Sentral, so you will have to check with the hotel on the best way to do this and also how to get to Legoland..

    • 4. How to go to bus terminal to Singapore?
      I believe Hotel Sentral is already very near to the Causeway. Therefore, the people at Hotel Sentral would be able to advice you the best on how to get to Singapore/USS.

  50. jhyng placido

    thank you very much for the info… it will really help me a lot… just want to know how many hours will it takes going to johor in a bus ride , how about in LRT? just to save up some travel time… Thanks again!

  51. rara


    just want to ask few questions;

    – about the odyssey bus, do we have to book online early or can we ask the tune hotel customer service to book the bus?

    – when i check the odyssey website, it says that they pick up at mont kiara kuala lumpur. does the bus stop at danga bay also?

    tq for ur time.. :)

    • a) Booking onkline is better, just call their customer service. Odyssey IS NOT owned by Tune Hotel, they just rent an office space from the premise and pick up passengers from the parking lot outside the hotel gates. I don’t know if you can ask Tune Hotel to book for you, my advice is to call or email them to find out.

      b) As explained in the guide, the bus may have various pick up points. But the pick up point in Danga Bay is the in front of the Tune Hotel. However, this guide was written 3 years ago; your best source of information is to call Odyssey to get their latest info.

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    Good day! Thanks for this very informative blog on USS! My hubby, grandson, and I will be stopping over in Singapore for 20 hours on our way home from Perth to the Philippines. And before reading your guide, I was wondering how we can use up that length of time in Changi airport without my 5-yr old grandson wearying us. Thanks for your write-up, I realized that bringing him to USS is the answer. my hubby and I had been there years ago, a couple of times, but Singapore is one city I never tire of.

  60. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely loved every bit of it.
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  62. Hi dear, We are a family with 8 adults, 3 children (3-8years old) and 1 infant. We would like to have fun in USS (maybe with express lane tickets) and the next day to Night Safari. Since we have small children here, and plan to go to Night Safari, which do you suggest, either stay at JB or in Singapore?

    • Hi Lissa, the two attractions are situated at the opposite ends of the island.

      If you do not mind taking the 1hr shuttle bus between JB-SG in order to get USS, then JB is a good option. There is a shuttle that can take you directly into USS itself, there is only a bit of a hassle when you need to disembark to clear immigration and then board the shuttle again. But the shuttle is comfortable and you don’t have to worry about getting lost or anything. For the Night Safari, take a bus into Singapore City ( and then from there, take the nearest MRT to Ang Mo Kio station, there is a bus 138 to the Zoo.

      However, if the comfort of the children + infant is your priority, staying in the island itself is better. Find hotels that are near the MRT. I have stayed in Hard Rock Hotel in USS, the location is superb if all you want to do is explore Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) but a bit of a pain if you want to go to the City. Plus, food within RWS is limited so we found ourselves going to the city very often, much to our annoyance.

      In the city I usually stay at M Hotel on Anson Road or Carlton Hotel on Raffles. Can’t say if these are kids-friendly as I travel as a single, but their locations are superb with affordable rates and I just use the MRT to travel everywhere. I usually use to book hotels. As a general rule, if I travel in a group, we usually take taxi coz the combined MRT fare would equal the taxi fare.

      Hope you will have a good time!

  63. Santosh Ghag

    HI! UR writing is superb and very helpful. I will be traveling to Singapore with family. 4 persons including 10 yrs son & 4 yrs daughter, from 31.10.14 to 05.11.14, I am planning to visit USS on 03.11.14 Monday. and later to Dolphin lagoon and wings of times same day. Is 1/2 day to UUS will be enough or I have to reserve a full day for USS and next day for others. Also please suggest my ur views as I am traveling Singapore for 1st time.

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    Is it a must that we need to wear shorts or can wear any thing?

  75. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience in USS. I just want to ask, do I have to pay for the Canopy ride? Or, the S$74 ticket is already good for all the rides? Thank you!

  76. Anonymous

    hi :) we will go directly to USS from Changi airport, is it better for us to take the mrt or bus?
    do you happen to know how much is the difference? we will only be visiting for the whole day, we will be coming from kl
    thank you :)

    • If you take the train (MRT) you will have to change make multiple stops. MRT is easy to follow and if you are in doubt, just get one of those MRT maps from the info counter or ask people to help you.

      MRT Route:
      1. Changi Airport to Tanah Merah. Exit to change train.
      2. Tanah Merah to Outram Park. Exit to change train.
      3. Outram Park to Harbour Font. Take Exit E to VivoCity and proceed to level 3 to board the Sentosa Express which will take you directly to Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). From there, just look for Chilli’s restaurant, USS entrance is nearby.

      The fares would be totalling SGD11 for one person (one way).

      If you take the bus, you can take any of these buses #65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145 or 166 and alight at VivoCity. Then, per above, go to level 3 and board the Sentosa express. I have never taken the bus so I cannot share with you my experience.

      Can I suggest you do this below instead:

      1. Take the airport shuttle to M Hotel on Anson Road. You can book a seat on the airport shuttle here:; it costs SGD9 per person.

      Once you get to the hotel, you have 2 choices:

      2a. Once you reach M Hotel on Anson Road, get a taxi to RWS. It should cost you around SGD15 only. To me this is the best option.

      2b. You walk to the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station which is only 5 mins away from M Hotel (very easy to find, just ask people for help if you are unsure). Go to Outram Park (1 stop away). Exit and change train at Outram Park to Harbour Front. From there you take the Sentosa Express.

      If you take taxi directly from Changi to RWS, it could go as high as SGD70.

  77. Hiii. I find your post very helpful.
    However, I need to know few things. I purchased package tickets that include USS,SEAA and Typhoon thingy in one day. My question is do those attractions are inside USS or entirely someplace else? If so, how do I get there? And can you help me plan in details on ways to cover those 3 attractions in a day without missing most fun parts.

    • Hi there, sorry late reply coz I was away. All are within Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). SEAA and Typhoon refer to the Aquarium; which is outside Universal Studios but within the same RSW area. I’d say it is within 100-150m walking distance from USS entrance, about 2 mins walk. SEAA and Typhoon are indoors so reserve that in the afternoon when it is hot. For USS, you can follow my recommendations in the guide above. Hope this helps.

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  87. Although I absolutely love Palawan, I’m thinking of going north of Manila this year. I hear Batanes is such a lovely place as well. I can’t wait to visit that place

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