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Final Fantasy Stuff

Ijah’s note: The #1 reason for people to come here is to look for stuff from Final Fantasy. Therefore, I decided to create this post and a permanent tab on top of this page. Click on the links below for the appropriate items. The only one that I leave out would be Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, for obvious reason.

Hope these help!


Leave a note to the author of the walkthroughs if you find any particular one useful. It’s a simple way to say thanks.





All these wallpapers were originally posted on Square’s Official website (92 pcs in total); and some are fan-arts modified from the official ones, taken from one of the 6 listed above.  Please click on the pic below to be taken to the gallery coz for some reason I can’t insert the gallery in this post:

Cloud Strife of Advent Children

Cloud Strife of Advent Children

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The Kind of Guys Ijah Likes

Ijah’s Update : 23/8/08

Please go to my Final Fantasy post for resources on official websites, wiki pages, fansites and a selection of 92 wallpapers. I check and regularly visit all the sites listed in this post, so they are all Ijah-approved. Go here: Final Fantasy Stuff at Killing Time wih Ijah Amran



The other day while having a rip-roaring, laugh til you cry dinner at Alexis, Cecilia asked what kind of guys I like. I went uh, ah trying to describe the kind of guy that I like but I think it would be easier to show it visually than to describe it, no?

  • The androgynous and pretty pretty boy with really good hair ala Takuya Kimura. Look at him! Hair is really important to me. It doesn’t matter long or short, if he has a lot or none of it, it’s how he carries it that matters. I hate him for being so good looking.
Takuya Kimura
  • Those appreciative of his talents and shares it with the world like Sakurai Kazutoshi. His words alone would do me in. Supremely gifted. My heart actually ached when I heard Shirushi for the first time despite not knowing what it was about. It’s amazing how music can move you so much.
Sakurai Kazutoshi of Mr Children
  • The hardworking, flamboyant yet mysterious like Hisashi Tonomura of Glay. He’s dresses like a manga character and prances round the stage like a true rockstar yet you hardly hear him speak or know anything about his life. It’s almost he doesn’t exist anywhere else but onstage as 1/4 of the phenomenal visual-kei group Glay. His mysteriousness is so sexy. Pictured here with the rest of the band, Hisashi is the one with the dragon silk shirt, second from left. Make no mistake, they worked really hard to get to where they are today. Don’t let the spiky hair and eye make-up fool you. Their success is no accident.
Hisashi Tonomura of Glay
  • The witty, sarcastic, extremely intelligent and extremely honourable Ffamran Mid Bunansa, better known as Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. He shuns the entitled life of an Archadian Judge and runs away to be a sky pirate to get to the truth of his father’s perceived insanity and to rebel against Archadian’s cruelty. Honourable til the end, Balthier and his sidekick Fran were thought to have died in their attempt to prevent the warship Bahamut from crashing onto Rabanastre, a town caught in the battle between empires.
Ffamran Mid Bunansa aka Balthier
  • The silently suffering yet fiercely loyal like Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII. I hate that he pines for Aerith so long after her death, but his loyalty and love is moving. Maybe someday someone will love me this way? Impossible? *laughs* That’s why he exists only in the movies!
Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII
  • The confident, self-assured and adventurous like (the late) Richard P Feynman who would try anything just to see how far he could go. My favourite quote “What do you care what other people think” came from him.
Richard Feynman
Yah, I know I am too much.
  • PC reminded me about Gregory House (see our post exchange below). So, here are House – one of him with his big bike (my preferred pic), and the other of him with the infamous “Everybody Lies” t-shirt. Done.
House on a big bike
Everybody lies! EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!
(can’t find screencap of him wearing this in the actual series so this promo pic will do)
House everybody lies
Point being they are all fictional characters, right?!!


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