My Running Thing: Wk1/2014 Starting All Over Again (Part 5)

There are 2 reasons why I decided to move from the heart of the city to this modern little suburb at the corner of Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam. One, I wanted to be closer to work; and two, I wanted to be able to run again.

I don’t want to do a recap of 2013. Suffice to say, if I could, I would wipe out 2012 & 2013 from my running diary and forget they ever existed. My right knee is still wobbly – I know I need to get it checked; there is this hardened and bruised spot on my body which is worrying me coz it doesn’t seem to go away – I know I need to get this checked too; and there is the ever-present problem of sleep that I don’t seem to get a grip on.

But, one week at a time.

For Wk 1/2014 I did: conditioning routine 7 3 2 at max speed 6km/hr to get the right knee in rhythm as I don’t want to overstress and injure it further, followed by a little yoga post-run. I am keeping this conditioning routine for Wk 2 as well, and if I can manage it, free weights 2x a week on rest days. Though the running speed is dissatisfying, to say the least, I would like to take slow as my BP has been erratic.

(p/s: I have young onset hypertension and have been advised to limit myself to non-vigorous activities, out of the sun, where possible. If you have any medical condition, please check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. This is important.)

As always, photo evidence to track my progress.

Wk 1/2014


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