All Grown Up


Aning is getting her masters degree next weekend.

Awa is doing hers.

Amy just got married.

Ita finally celebrated her xxnth birthday (welcome to my age group).

All my baby sisters have grown up.

I remember Aning and Ita fake-kicking each other while we were waiting for a taxi to take us back to Merdeka Palace in 2003.

Amy getting hit on the head with a bottle of Ridsect in 1989.

A sketch that I drew of what Awa would look like when she grow up in 1983.

All of us going to Starz Oyster and Cigar bar for some sake no shioyaki.

Coming home to them bawling their eyes out watching Love Letter and 1 Litre no Namida.

The silver Superman pendant that I have now lost.

Ita doing Trauma.

Amy doing Jujur (Radja). Man that was some awful rendition.

The one time she came to me and said, I think you would really like this, and played me Faizal Tahir’s version of Warisan Wanita Terakhir while I looked at her thinking you have GOT to be kidding me (no, she wasn’t being funny. She was just way too young in 1992 to know the original.)

All of us doing Truth.

Awa learning how to play the guitar after listening to the recording that I secretly saved in her new laptop.

And her attempt to sort my wardrobe which took 8 hours.

The little black dress that she slipped into the rack.

That point of time when one, or some, or all of them were living with me.

All my baby sisters have grown up.

There are babies now, husbands, mortgages, second cars to pay for, and soon, school fees.

Time to pass the baton.


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