Sketcher Extraordinaire

My friend Fahmi (click here for his instagram and deviantart page respectively) has been sketching stuff for quite a while now and I’ve had the opportunity to commission him to do two: one on a yellow post-it-note and another on an A4 paper for my absolutely fabulous friends who are impossible to buy gifts for. He accepts commission work so please hit him for details and pricing; you’d be pleasantly surprised with the end-result, I promise you. Some of the stuff he has done for me and my sister:

For Ms Wicked Witch of The South




… and for Miss Fabulous (I’ve yet to give this sketch to her so I am cropping it so that if she happens to chance upon this, she’ll still get a nice surprise upon seeing the full detail)


BeFunky_2013-06-08 12.jpg


And some of the stuff that Fahmi has done in the past:


Clever chap. I am definitely commissioning him to do more stuff :)


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