A Day At The Zoo Negara

Malayan Tiger - Panthera tigris jacksoni at the Zoo Negara

I just wanted to share with you some tips if you intend to go to Zoo Negara (Malaysia’s National Zoo).

  1. Bring the kids along, but not when they are too young. The Zoo is quite large and Malaysian weather can be murderous, so try to hold off going to the zoo until  your kids are a bit older.  Pre-school age is good, but anything below 2 years old is not advisable.
  2. The animals are in caged enclosures and you will be standing from quite a distance away. So if you want to  take photos, make sure you have really good cameras that can zoom in on the animals. Pic above was taken by (c) Effi Azzari using his Galaxy Note II, the clarity and resolution is alright but if you want really good, publication-worthing pics, bring your big gun heavy-duty cameras.
  3. It is hot! Bring lots of water and a handfan and sunglasses etc. For some reason, vending machines inside the Zoo only accepts old notes and coins so be prepared.
  4. On the subject of money, credit cards are not accepted at the ticketing counter. There is no ATM machines either, the nearest one at the gas station down the road is about 2km away and it will take you about 30-45mins to get there and back. So bring cash, lots of it if you are the type who likes to snack along the way coz small stalls selling ice cream and what-have-you’s are all over the park.
  5. Nothing is free. The Zoo map costs RM2 and it is not a very good map either. Still, it was useful in order to find your way around. You can print your own map at home here.

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