Popfest: Save Gaza 22-23 Dec, 2012 @ UITM Shah Alam

Popfest Save Gaza 2012 Uitm Shah Alam

Come if you can. Lots of arts and music to be found, and proceeds will be donated for the cause.

Also, later that night on 22 Dec 2012, I will be doing my last gig for the year at what is currently known as “Maskara Runcit-Runcit”. Those Sindiket Sol-jah boys never learn their lesson, apparently. It is going to be held at UITM Shah Alam, which is nearby my house but very far from everyone and everything else; but it is going to be a good show, I promise. You might even win some small tokens from us.

Anyway, save the date. Details to come soon. Like before, I will be the first performer of the night so come early or blink and you will miss me. Wear white or red to show your support.

To tide you over, here’s pic from the last one in Auditorium, KL Library (photo credit (c) Pert Doherty).



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