Weekly Fashion Challenge #4: What’s In My Bag

This week, the challenge is an oldie but goodie: What’s In My Bag

Since we need to list all the items in the bag, this entry merits individual pic on top of the usual gallery style. Scroll below for description of what’s in each bag.

If you didn’t know who’s who, you can still totally tell by the items in the bag like who’s the swinging single, the fashionista, the workhorse, the busy mom, the one who works on the run etc.


What's In My Bag - IA

What’s In My Bag Challenge, the stuff in IA’s bag: (clockwise from top left)

  1. Panadol Actifast and Clarinase
  2. Woods’ Peppermint Cough Lozenges
  3. Neway Karaoke free wet wipes (for the win!)
  4. Iris Crabtree & Evelyn mini Perfume
  5. Assorted lippies by Maybelline, lip gloss by Revlon
  6. Estee Lauder compact, (hidden at the bottom) Estee Lauder make-up coffret
  7. Navy Striped Tote Bag by JC Crew
  8. Liz Clairborne coin pouch; on top of it is a business card holder that was a freebie from South Korea
  9. Fresh rolled-up bandage for any knee emergencies.
  10. Vicks Vaporub for everything else emergencies.
  11. PSP and on top of it is my latest mobile phone.
  12. Starbucks tumbler from Rusky with Rove.
  13. Starbucks notebook for writing songs and appointments; underneath it is an android MID Tablet.
  14. A pot of hairgel by Gatsby, Cherry Blossom solid perfume by L’occitane, Little Pink Tin lip balm and a Disney hand sanitizer.
  15. Iris Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion.

Along the bottom is my Be Scarves white stars scarf.

Not seen in pic: Olympus camera which was used to take this pic, pedometer which is hanging on my waistband, sunglasses and specs coz I only put them in my bag when I find them, a pen that I couldn’t be bothered to put in place and assorted coins that are jingling at the bottom of the tote bag.


What's In My Bag - PC

In no particular order, PC’s loot: Prada black bow bag, Gucci royal purple namecard holder, MAC black cosmetic pouch, Gucci gold shoe key chain, vintage black mirror from Japan, Audrey Hepburn fabric mini bag to store Nano, meds, keys etc, Tempo Petit tissue  and last but not least Prada plum wallet.

MAC black cosmetic pouch contains:  Dior compact powder, Women essentials, Chanel rouge allure and MAC lipgloss, Vaseline lipbalm, MAC and Dior eyeliners, Dior sharpener, LV mini key, 3 cotton buds.


What's In My Bag - AA

In her poor overworked Kate Spade AA has:

  1. Pink magnet notebook
  2. Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm
  3. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Lover 
  4. Rouge Dior lipstick in Plum Plot
  5. Car key with a “never broke in Texas” keychain (my girl from the office got me this. see, i’m not such an office bitch afterall)
  6. Maybelline eye make-up in Hyper Diamonds
  7. Kate Spade faux snakeskin pouch
  8. Skin Food Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake powder
  9. Office ID tag
  10. Hello Kitty coin purse (Sanrio, gift from a friend)
  11. Hello Kitty face blotter (Sanrio, bought from Daiso)
  12. The History of Whoo compact powder 
  13. The History of Whoo lipstick in Coral
  14. Empro triangular brow pencil in Brown 
  15. Motorola bluetooth H270 headset
  16. Blackberry Bold 4
  17. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ (not photographed cos I was using it to take the picture duh)
  18. Handbag table hook in pink (Daiso)


What's In My Bag - TC

TC’s Miu Miu handbag essentials are: reading glasses, shades, Mr stress squeezy ball, emergency sewing kit (recent addition), panty liner, tissue, china purse, MAC lipsticks, broadband dongle, mini soap (very important during traveling), safety pins; no make-ups since she doesn’t wear any.


What's In My Bag - RJ

Ms RJ’s utilitarian  Burberry Goldertone All leather in military red contains: Burberry wallet, iPhone4S, Samsung Galaxy Note, flash drive, house keys, envelop containing flight tickets , 4 coins (£1 x 3 dan 2 pence x 1), CK Jeans pouch with this month’s receipt, various membership cards i.e. Mesra card, Jusco, Bonuslink, Hinode Shop, Watsons, Toys R Us dan AIA Medical Card.

The black Shiseido Maquilage clutch contains Shiseido Maquilage Aura compact powder, Clinique liquid foundation, Benefit lipgloss, Lip Ice sheer color lip balm, Maybelline eyeshadow in black, Maybelline eyebrow pencil in dark brown, 2-in-it lipstick, Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh miniature, Chloe vial and 3 ball pens.


FR and IJ haven’t given me the list of items in their bags, but here are the close-ups; see if you can tell who’s who:

What's In My Bag - IJ

What's In My Bag - FR


You can see some more of FR & friends’ bags here: My Life – Now, Then & Tomorrow. FR also listed the contents of her bag there :)

If you want to join the challenge, just follow the Weekly Fashion Challenge posts and send me yours. For next week, the challenge would be Red Shoes. I can be reached at ijahamran@yahoo.com. Snap away!


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