My Top 10 Travel Wishlist

Originally written on June 14, 2009; updated today.

Some of these places I have visited before but I want to go there again and re-live the experience. In no particular order:


1. Catch a concert at the Tokyo Dome, Japan. Whatever concert. I just want to be in the place. I’ve watched so many concert DVDs filmed at the Dome it’s a flaming shame if I don’t get to experience it at least once.


2. Go to E for All (Entertainment for All Expo) in LA, the sort-of successor to the previously open-for-all E3, take lots of pictures with as many Booth Babes (yes, it’s a noun) as I could humanly manage and make all the fanboys weep with envy.


3. Blow a month’s worth of salary eating at Djemaa El-Fna, Marrakech. Yes, food occupies a very large portion of my brain.


4. Spend a totally hedonistic, self-gratifying (not in a perverse kind on way so take your mind out of the gutter), pleasure-seeking weekend at the Glastonbury Festival.


5. Stay up quietly til dawn to watch an Aurora Borealis over the skies of Alaska. I’m cool with Canada too.


6. Swim in the impossibly blue waters of Mauritius without caring about how fat I look in a bikini. DO NOT use your imagination.


7. Explore and discover  Europe aboard the opulent and luxurious Orient Express. Sneaking off to the train’s roof to have afternoon tea is optional. I will be broke for the next 5 years after this trip but I will deal with that when it happens. Live in the moment, yes?


8. Put on my spectacles, look intelligent and hobnob with people who make a living out of writing at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali. Then, watch the sunset at Nusa Dua with a cup of local coffee and a few slices of sponge cake (I cannot decide how many slices are too many).


9. Appease the wild and (sometimes) out-of-control-if-not-paid-attention-to shopping beast in me in Hong Kong, then trick  Snow White at Disneyland HK to speak to me in Chinese to confuse the children.

…and 10) I can’t decide on a 10. Suggest any?


Thanks Ibu Wita for suggesting the 10th destination.


10.  Take one of the passengers ships from ‘Hurtigruten’ and sail amongst the fjords, almost to the Russian waters and experience the midnight sun.


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