Anime Festival Asia (MY) 2012 – A Short Review

It came and went.

My observation:

  1. PWTC is not a suitable venue – it is too small with poor ventilation. Perhaps using a stadium is better like Std Putra Bukit Jalil or Stadium Melawati Shah Alam: half of it can be used as exhibition hall and the other half for stage activities.
  2. Organizers should be more “calculative” when allowing visitors in. What I mean is the venue was terribly packed with people you’d be hard pressed to enjoy the exhibitions because all you wanted to do was to get out and get some fresh air. Maybe they can have a system: you only allow X amount of people to go in and when it reaches maximum, you only allow more people when existing visitors have exited. Kinda like how they do it at clubs.
  3. Security needs to be stricter when implementing crowd control at the stage area. It was very frustrating when latecomers just surged ahead to the front of the stage and remained standing up and basically blocking the views of people who were already seated (and waited for hours for the activities to start!). A simple solution is to close-off the main seating area once it is full so that latecomers would stand at the sides near the barricades. LATECOMERS SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED OR TOLERATED. It is disrespectful to those who came early and waited patiently. Side note: Malaysian audience still has a long way to go in terms of manners and courtesy.
  4. The quality of cosplayers in Malaysia is disappointing, I’d even venture to say that we performed very poorly as compared to our neighbours like Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. The Malaysian leg of the regional cosplay competition made me wanted to gauge my eyes out. Maybe we can have better contestants with better publicity?

I don’t think I will not be going to future Malaysian legs of AFA. It is a lot more satisfying and enjoyable to simply save my money and time for the Singapore one because it is better organized with better exhibitors and cosplayers. I’d ask for my RM30 back, but KANAME’s appearance made up for it. Some pics below:



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