My Running Thing Cycle 4-II Week 6: To The Gym We Go!

Yes, we did it! We joined Kilos Fitness Centre. the gym in Concorde Hotel. Shah Alam. More about it in the Exercise section below.

There isn’t much difference between Week 5 and 6. I walked a lot in lieu of running, and I considerably toned down the body weight exercises because my right knee could not handle the strain. I struggled to do even the simplest stretching exercises so walking is the only thing that I dare to risk. Once I am a bit familiar with the machines in Kilos, I intend to lift weights instead. We’ll see how it goes.

Updates for Week 6:


  • Gym Bags Galore. We went to Tangs, Empire Shopping Gallery today and went buck-shit crazy buying bags as they were in sale. The total damage:
    • 3 Crocodile gym bags in varying sizes
    • 2 Alain Delon knapsacks
    • 1 Arrows messenger bag (which we returned coz we didn’t really need it)
  • As everything was discounted between 50-70%. the total damage was only RM210.
  • New on my wishlist are:
    •  A windbreaker to ward off the cold for my 6.30am walks. I have one that is about 5 years old, it will reach its maximum usefulness soon as I wash it every couple of days. I also use it to warm up at the gym, I am one of those people who could not stand the cold or air-conditioning.
    • A heart rate monitor cum digital wristwatch. I don’t really need it now that I go to the gym, but it is a nice-to-have.
  • We’ve managed to sell the Treo Treadmill so that is good. I’ve also put the Daiso hanging earphones to the test a couple of times. The verdict – the sound quality is nothing to be excited about (it’s RM5, so I am not complaining) but yes it stays in place even when I am sweating buckets so I am very happy with that.
  • I have decided against getting a separate MP3 player, at least at the time being. It is much easier to just carry around one gadget, in this case it’s my Sony Ericsson TxtPro phone and use it as a phone, camera, stopwatch and music player. While its memory bank is small and I can only save about 10-12 songs in it, it is adequate for an hour’s worth of workout so all is good.


  • Cutting Down Carbs Pt II. My sister bought 4 of those small Japanese-style bowls that they use to serve miso soup. I find these bowls to be excellent measurement device to control the rice portion that I eat. As I eat a lot of rice (twice a day on most days),  the temptation to have seconds is great especially since I am one of those who hate seeing leftovers in my plate or in the wok/pot.  Now I scoop only enough to fill one bowl and that’s it. No more seconds. I put the rice cooker in perpetual warm mode so that my leftover rice will be warm and fluffy for dinnertime or the next day. I have also cut out bread from my diet. I love having a grilled cheese sandwich as a snack and I use white bread for it. The solution is pretty simple – we just don’t buy bread or cheese anymore so I can’t make grilled cheese sandwiches even if I wanted to.
  • Sugar-Free Zone. A few posts ago, I wrote about wanting to cut out table sugar from my diet. I am happy to report that I have managed to cut down most of my table sugars – I do allow myself the occasional sugared  drinks like teh o’ ais and fruit juices or a sip or two of soda drinks when we eat out. I don’t use sugar substitutes either, mostly I just stick to water or coffee. I can’t give up milk though. I love my coffee strong, but I love it with milk. I do make it a point to buy low-fat milk and to ask for the skinny version when I buy my coffee at coffee bars but I am not religious about it. It’s fine, milk is a source if protein and calcium; even if I consume whole milk all the time I don’t think it affect my weight all that much.
  • I have also given up kicap (catsup or light soy sauce), not totally though coz I still use it in lieu of salt but I don’t take kicap as much as I used to. Maybe someday my tastebuds will adjust and will accept complete absence of salt or kicap in my food, but not today. Small steps.


  • Elliptical, go! At the gym, my torture of choice is the elliptical (cross-trainers). I use it to do my basic HIIT: 10secs intense x 50secs regular x 20 reps. Once my body can take more punishment, I will do the 30secs intense x 270secs x 12 reps. I cooldown using the step, followed by  a little freeweights and then stretches to finish things up. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the routine. I don’t remember seeing yoga mats at the aerobics studio so will bring my own so that I can do my yoga stretches too. The weight machines look very tempting, I am going to give myself a few weeks at the gym before I get the trainers to assist me in using them.
  • Walking is the new Running. We intend to go to the gym 3x a week. On days that we don’t go, I wake up early to go for a walk. I use the same route that I use for running, it is about 3.2km in distance. I guess you can’t call it power or brisk walking as I vary my pace depending on the state of my knee. It is a bit faster than regular walking but definitely not challenging enough for the heart as I was able to sing as I do so. The solution is to walk faster or longer or use a different route that leads to the National Library as the slope there is steeper. I miss running but being able to use the elliptical machine makes up for it. I find walking more of a relaxation exercise, quite enjoyable especially early in the morning. My area is lined with trees – in the morning you can hear crickets, birds chirping etc. But the walk back is torturous as the roads will be full with cars (people getting to work) – exhaust fumes everywhere. But you can’t win them all.

Photo comparison between Week 5 and Week 6 below. I don’t think I will see much physical difference from now til about Week 12 or so but I’ll keep on taking pictures anyway as a matter of record.



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2 responses to “My Running Thing Cycle 4-II Week 6: To The Gym We Go!

  1. June

    Hey, can we join the kilos fitness centre thought we are not the guest at concorde?

    • Anonymous

      Yes you can as the gym is independent of the Hotel. Speak to the person in-charge at the counter, they should be able to assist you. Rate is quite good.

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