Come One Come All to Maskara Makwe-Makwe

Update 2 April 2012:

IA at the Maskara Makwe-Makwe. Thanks Sindiket Sol-Jah for the invite, if they are sorry about it….tough.

You can see videos of all Maskara Makwe-Makwe performers here and past Maskaras at the Tentang Seseorang channel in youtube, here.

If you want to check out my stuff, you can click here for the liner notes and a master file download; I also previously uploaded 3- 4 songs onto youtube that you can see in my channel here.

And as always, (some of) my groupies:



Tonight’s Maskara Makwe-Makwe, my first public gig in 5 years. I am just doing a couple of songs (easy peasy), the bulk of the night will be filled with poetry and reading of excerpts from published manuscripts. So the only thing that  I am sweating about is what to wear because my normal attire is not exactly artcrowd-friendly, more like danceclub-friendly if you know what I mean. I have a basic idea of what to play but I am still undecided on the final playlist so you will just have to come if you want to see what makes the final cut.

Maskara Makwe-Makwe starts at 8pm. Come early because parking and seats are limited.

The address: PERSATUAN PENULIS NASIONAL MALAYSIA (PENA), Off Jalan Dewan Bahasa, 50460 Kuala Lumpur. It’s located not far from Restoran Tupai-Tupai and faces the MAA building.

GPS co-ordinates are: 3.130682, 101.702601.

Will I see you there, sweetie darling?



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3 responses to “Come One Come All to Maskara Makwe-Makwe

  1. Yayy!!! Got the songs and thank you so much for sharing! *errr, I’m not stalking you but I really adore you*

  2. Lol Cik Fai, is that you again?

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