The Abominable Queue-Cutters

Queue sign by (c) mohsen hassan zadeh

I had my line cut twice in the past two days.

The first incident was when I was queuing up at the airport to get my boarding pass verified. A nervous looking gentleman with a laptop bag suddenly cut my line and stood very close to the passenger that was currently being served, leaving me with no room to step up to him and tell him to stop being a jerk. The line behind me was easily 10-people long and everyone was beginning to be slightly agitated. The man then left my line and cut the line of the counter next to mine before attempting to get in front of me – again!

The passenger behind me nudged me and asked me to stand closer to front of the line (I was standing behind the red line where you are supposed to stand while waiting for the passenger before you to be served). I did. Then when the man attempted for the third time to cut in, I told him, excuse me you are cutting my line.

What did he do?

He ignored me!

Tonight we were at the pharmacy to pick up some stuff. There was only one customer being served so my sister and I stood side by side behind him and chatted while we waited for him to finish his business. Then a middle-aged lady with her family of three came from my left and started to ask the cashier a question.

I placed my purchase of the counter and handed the cashier the money. The queue-cutter then sputtered and hesitated (I wasn’t even looking at her) and the cashier looked at both of us, then in a righteous tone said to me “I have to serve this customer because she was here first,” and gestured to the lady who was attempting to cut my line.

What?! Doesn’t she have eyes? Or was she so engrossed in ringing up the purchase of the customer before me that she didn’t know who’s first and who’s last?

My sister and I both said at the same time, “No, we were here first!”

(Look, I have no problem if all she wanted to do was to ask a question but I have a big problem if she was going to be served first because it was my turn.)

The cashier hesitated (again!) so I turned to look at the queue-cutter in a sort of “I-challenge-you-to-deny-my-rights” kind of way. She just nervously laughed and averted her eyes. The cashier then rang up my purchase without a word of apology or anything. Neither did the queue-cutter.

Having money or a posh education doesn’t give you class or manners. And you are no more entitled than the rest of us who patiently respect each other’s time and wait in line.

Shame on you.

I hope your children have better manners than yours.

(I cut queue only once in my lifetime. It was an emergency and I apologized to the line afterwards, AND I stood there taking in the angry rant from the girl whose line I cut because I know what I did was wrong despite the urgency of the matter. So yes, I consider such behaviour an abomination. Excusable in some situation of course, but one should have the decency to apologize and acknowledge that is is not okay to behave this way. This post should have never even be written.)


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