Why Size Matters To Me

I was asked recently what’s my size. I divulged that I aspire to dress in size 2, and that I am currently an 8. The trouble with this is I am confusing myself with US vs UK sizes.

If you are like me and get boggled when you are trying to buy clothes, here’s a simple size conversion chart. You can change the chart and see the corresponding sizes by using the online tool here.

At my peak last year this is what I was wearing:

This is the size I am wearing these days:

I am not obsessed about sizes. But size matters a lot to me. Let me explain.

I hate stepping onto the scale. It is a futile and de-motivational exercise. I always get so angry when I look at the numbers. When I lose weight, I am angry because I am not losing enough weight. When I gain weight, I am angry because the scale is faulty. It’s a lose-lose situation for me no matter what number pops up.

So I use my clothes as my health measurement.

I am at a good BMI and waist circumference when I am a UK size 4 (US 2). At UK size 8 (US 6), I am a bit too heavy and my BMI is dangerously high. In fact I am overweight – there, I said the dreaded O word.

Of course weight (and by association, BMI) is not an absolute measurement of one’s health. I know that. Still, it is a good indicator to help maintain a healthy weight range. You can use the online BMI calculator at Nutrition Society of Malaysia, that has been designed for Asian age, weight, gender, here.

I know some will say, bullsh!t Ijah, size 8 is not fat, you’re just one of those size-obsessed people.

I didn’t say size 8 is fat. I am just saying that size 8 is a tad too much weight for me to carry around being that I am only 152cm tall with a petite frame (discount my exceptional chest, please). I am being realistic here, not being vain. I need to shift the weight and get fitter not because I am unhappy with the way I look, but because I want to continue to eating all those delicious cupcakes and blueberry cheese muffins and work party karaoke all night without my heart collapsing at the strain. It doesn’t mean I love my body any less when it is a size 8 or that I am pop-culture obsessed or that I am desperately trying to reclaim my teenage body or that my self-worth is tied to my weight.

It simply means I need get back to size 4 in order to be able to continue living life the way I like.

Brain is the new sexy, but I need to be alive and alert in order to dazzle people with my brain, no?



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