Top 10 Songs In My Playlist in 2010

I was doing a song audit – which is snob-speak for updating my RealPlayer 14 and getting rid of some of the 17,000++ songs that I have stored in my laptop to free up some Gbs for work.

The following would be the top 10 songs that I listened to in 2010 (yes, this list is a year too late), in no particular order:

  1. Stronger Woman by Jewel: because it reminds me that I would be okay. In 2010, I didn’t care about being great, I just wanted to be okay.
  2. Life After You by Daughtry: because inexplicably I listened to this repeatedly while levelling up in Golmore Jungle (FFXII). This still rings in my ear whenever I think of FFXII.
  3. Ashes by KT Tunstall: because I was running and needed a getlostfrommylifecozI’mthebestthingthateverhappenedinyours song to motivate me.
  4. Shattered Glass by it’s Britney, b!tch: self-explanatory.
  5. Part You Throw Away by Tom Waits: because there was a time when all I wanted to do was sit alone in the metaphorical smokey bar and drink single-malt whiskey to drown my madness. I don’t have sorrows. Just madness.
  6. Gift by Mr. Children: because I was in serious need of something to lift my spirits. If I am asked to choose songs for the soundtrack of my life, this will be track 1 side A.
  7. Anata to by Ayaka and Kobukuro: because I thought I was in love. I wonder if I really was.
  8. All About Loving You by Bon Jovi: because this was the song that I wanted to sing for PC and Kenny at their purplelicious, and very beautiful, wedding.
  9. You Won’t Be Mine by Matchbox Twenty: because I needed someone, or something, to blame.
  10. It’s Gonna Be Ok by Clash (from Thailand, not to be confused with punk-rockers The Clash): because you know, it’s gonna be ok. And you know what, I was, and I am okay.

You can watch and listen to my 10 in 2010 playlist in Youtube here. Where possible, I segued the live or acoustic performances, not the studio version. To end this post, I leave you with Stronger Woman, and the link to its guitar chords via Ultimate Guitar.


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