Say Hello to Playstation® Vita

Playstation VitaAnother year passed and another E3 concluded without my presence gracing the hallowed halls of the ultimate fanboy dream. Nevermind. There’s always next year.

This year’s E3 brought some very exciting news. Chiefly for me is the unveiling of PlayStation® Vita (PS Vita), the next generation portable player from Sony. Watch:

If you don’t want to click the video to watch the feature presentation (why?), here’s the specs, the alphabet-way:

In other words, you can touch it, tilt it, tap it, d-pad it, shake it, use it as  camera, use it for video, use it for movies, use it for games, use it for music, use it for internet, use it as your thumbdrive… if you can think it up, PS Vita probably has the feature for it.

PlayStation Vita ships by globally by the end of the year, price starts at USD$249. This. I. Want. Really, really. More info on PS Vita can be found here.

Want your fix of E3 2011? I start with, a good old favourite of mine, before using my friend google to look for other news and reviews.

Time to start dropping coins into the piggy bank and saving for E3 2012!


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