My Running Thing: Reboot

Apart from a little swimming and simple calisthenics done at home, I have not been running or doing any cardio/strength exercises at all for the past two weeks. I could blame the heat, the oatmeal diet, the nights out but the truth is I had been bitten by the lazy bug.

Like Oprah of the Winfrey said, it is a daily struggle.

While I have not lost much definition and the scale has been showing a constant number, the hiatus makes me feel heavy and flabby. And one thing for sure: I am getting bored and feeling unchallenged with my current routine. So I spent some time today to look for cardio exercises that I can do at home during those days when I don’t feel like suiting up and running outdoors or hamster-ing out in the gym.

What I have found are several workout videos that can be sequenced into a 55min daily routine from Sparkpeople.

If you are in the mood for experimenting, here are the videos and the sequence. I have tried these ONLY ONCE so far but maaaaan, I was sweating and my body was aching the entire night coz it was completely unused to the movements. Definitely something that I will try again, maybe once or twice a week to give the running a break without losing cardio strength.

[before you start, always Warm Up by brisk walking or jogging for about 5-10mins til your heart rate reaches 120bpm]

00:01 – 00:10 Jumpstart Cardio Workout

00:10 – 00:20 Cardio Kickboxing #1

00:20 – 0030 Cardio Kickboxing #2

00:30 – 00:45 Abs Workout

00:45 – 00:55 Toning Workout

[these are followed with free weights to tone the arms and closed with the usual yoga stretches.

There is also the SparkPeople NEW YOU 7-Day Bootcamp Workouts that you can follow for free. It’s a little too much commitment for me (exercise-wise)  so I am giving the bootcamp a miss. That said, I fully recommend this site coz it has a lot of support, resources as well as programs that can help you start and stick to a routine that works for you.

My mantra is, if I fail, I will try try try try try and try again til I get it right. So I am going to try try try try and try. Wish me luck!


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