Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses

(friendly hint: click on the pic to get larger size; and visit the originators to drop them a note of thanks and encouragement for these amazing artwork.)

For more stylized and re-imagined Disney Princesses, click tab Disney Princesses on top of this page.



Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by Telegrafixs. You can also look him up on facebook here.

Seriously, this artist’s work is amazing. I can spend hours browsing and admiring his gallery.

Snow White Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by

Jasmine Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by

Belle Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by

Ariel Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by

Tinkerbell Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses by



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3 responses to “Tattoo-Style Disney Princesses

  1. Anonymous

    THese are SO wonderful and I truely appreciate your art and skill!

  2. maggie

    I Love them but still waiting for cinderella <3

  3. harley

    these are just amazing!! <3 your skill is so amazing. maybe we could talk and swap pics and tips

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