7 Things That I Hate, and 7 That I Love

*originally appeared as 2 separate notes in Facebook*


Ok. Apparently all the notes that I write concern things that I hate about so I was asked to write about 7 things that I like for a change. I am feeling very Miley Cyrus-ish at the moment. Here goes, in no particular order. As always, no tagging; just do yours and tag me in return if you’d like to. Or not. Whatever works for you.

  1. I like simple, basic, clean things and designs: plain t-shirts, blacks, pinks and reds; muji, Done. (both the campaign and the word), gerberas, adidas, tiffany’s atlas and cartier’s love range. I have rows and rows of black dresses for the same reason.
  2. I like things that have to do with reading: actual books, bookstores, libraries, writers, poetry, words be it in a song or in an essay, writing, blogs, bound note books where I can practice my horrible penmanship, pens (glittery pink ones with frilly feathers on top I especially like), magazines, comics, the back of cereal boxes, liner notes in album covers (I read them obsessively trying to see if I am mentioned somewhere unless, of course, the album itself is named IA), you get the drill.
  3. I like the rain: it’s no secret that I dream to name a child (birthed, stolen, strong-armed my best friends or sisters or all of them to acquiesce) Rain. Male, female – I’m game. Yes I like the rain THAT much. Getting wet is not an inconvenience. Ok, that sounded wrong.
  4. I like the Superman symbol and what it means: the thing is I don’t really care for Superman or Smallville or Brandon Routh. But I like the idea of a someone who is just trying to fit in and that he doesn’t have a choice about the lot he is given in life; the purposely unassuming, nerdy, underdog outlook to downplay (hidden) strength, the invincibility, the one weakness. It is also no secret that I wear a stainless steel Superman chain around my neck – a gift from my sisters – when I am having an especially rough time or I am up against an impossible task. It makes me feel braver. A lot of people have seen me in a superman t-shirt at one time or the other. Now you know why. I am also weak against kryptonite.
  5. I like people who like work: complaining and moaning are perfectly fine and perfectly normal. But slacking off or merely making do is a dealbreaker. Yes, there will be times when we have to do jobs that pay the rent (quote lifted from The Devil Wears Prada). Still no excuse to do a poor job out of it. Work is a part of our lives, in fact for some us work takes up more time than anything else; it is not a separate, parasitic entity – it is a part of who we are as a person. I find that people who like work are also cool people in their personal time – age, maturity, experience etc has nothing to do with it. It’s all about character, and character counts.
  6. I like gifts that are given for no reason: doesn’t everyone? More specifically, I like the kind that’s simply because – a text to ask how I am, teh tarik late at night at Syed when I can’t sleep, breakfast at Chawan on a Sunday morning, a song to make me feel better. Supercars and killer heels work too. I wear size 37, 38 sometimes when the heels are especially high.
  7. …and the 7th one, I like my sisters: but not because they are my sisters. I actually like them as individual persons. We fight, we stop talking, we like different things and have vastly different personalities. But I like that we stay out of each other’s business and come to aid only when asked instead of nosily butting in simply because we are related by blood, I like that we have similar hobbies that we can partake in without getting on each other’s nerves (all things Japan and Japanese, video games, karaoke, eating at new places, coffee, doing peace/pistol signs when taking pictures), I like that we treat, adopt and look after each other’s friends and loved ones as if they’re our own friends and loved ones, I like that age or experience is not an issue – a spade is a spade, I like our independence and I like that we still have a lot of secrets that we keep from each other. And yes, if they don’t like you or you don’t like them, you’re in trouble.



In my blog, way way way way before this new full moon, I was tagged and asked to list down my pet hates. I wrote a funny, cute note about it and was about to post it here when I did an about turn and decided to write about 7 things that I really REALLY hate, for real. No tagging, just post yours if you want to.

  1. I hate it when people insinuate that I can’t afford to buy the things that I own and that I must have had a secret financier hidden in the background somewhere. If I have to pick a hate that I hate the most, this will be it. Yes I have some nice things. Some of those things were gifts. I’d like to think that those came without any conditions (like a RM15,000 receipt; sorry can’t resist making that reference though I know it makes no sense to most people); and that the giver(s) was content with the act of giving itself. But mostly? Come on. It’s the new millennium. Girls these days can actually afford to buy their own sports cars and atlas rings and Chanel 2.55. Gifts are cool but we don’t rely on financiers to take care of our expenses or pay for our shoes and wrap dresses. Like J. Aniston who can’t stop talking abt Brangelina, that is so uncool.
  2. I hate it when people, for no reason other than making small talks, call/text/email me to ask me where I am. I am wherever I am. Please, questions are unnecessary.
  3. I hate it when people make deductions and extrapolations about my state of mind and state of heart just because there is a change in my moods. I’m a girl. I am allowed to have moods or a change of heart without giving any reason whatsoever. A boy once deduced that my life must be unbearably lonely. I asked him, how did you come to that? He said, because you get quiet sometimes. He was out of his mind. I run my life on the overdrive. Every now and then I change gears. It’s been known to happen. Don’t read too much into it.
  4. I hate it when I catch people lying and give them a wide berth to come clean, they stick to the lie anyway. When the jig is up, stop with the talk talk. Just be done with it. I have terminated friendships over this and I will terminate friendships in the future over this. That goes for poseurs too and God knows I run into so many of them lately like it’s a mad season for poseurs.
  5. I hate it when people shove their opinions or beliefs down my throat. For instance, a girl once was so convinced that I was hitting on the boy that she liked that she wrote me a long letter telling me that she would forgive me and remain my friend if I would only admit to it. She’s got to be kidding me. I don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s convictions. If you want to know something about me, just ask. Don’t form an opinion and then force me to accept it. That goes for politics too. I am non-partisan. Deal with it.
  6. I hate it when people want me to talk when I don’t want to. It has nothing to do with anything. Sometimes I just find the topic unbelievably boring and I don’t have anything to contribute to make it less boring that it already is. So when I don’t have an opinion, I don’t. I’m not being facetious or pretentious. Sometimes I am just… disinterested. How is that a problem?
  7. …and the 7th one, I hate it when people mock me when I am at work. Just because there are tasks or conditions or environment or people or <fill in the blanks with appropriate adjectives> that are not quite my scene in the daily grind, wherever the daily grind is, it doesn’t mean I am going to make a poor job out of it. Wanting to do a good job is not sucking up. I do this for me and if that’s not a good enough reason for other people, well, I will do like a Tina Fey at the Golden Globes and tell them to simply, suck it.


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2 responses to “7 Things That I Hate, and 7 That I Love

  1. yenney

    it’s been a while since i actually read anything. been weeks since my last news paper and years since my last cereal box. had cereal at hotels and it felt so tasteless both in taste and originality (of having it).

    anyway, love when it rains and almost every song related with rain. and it amazes me how you’re so driven by work. gosh the one thing that kills the real you and tolerated your very being (exaggeration i know. hehe).

    we have mutual hatred towards number four though darlin.. but you can’t expect much out of liars. liar lies, but sometimes you just wish you never knew the truth.

  2. Hahaha work is play, to me at least; it is no different than playing video games. There are repetitive parts, interesting parts, boring parts, very frustrating parts etc but the process does have some very satisfying rewards at the end of it. That is not to say I don’t have my share of assholes, poseurs etc. It doesn’t bother me that much coz that’s the great thing about work: I only have to interact with them just enough to get the job done but I don’t have to like them. So it is easy to sidestep the gossip-mongering and the bickering etc (again, not to say that I have not been in the centre of such, I just simply sidestep them and go about my way). Trust me I have gotten a lot of criticism over my if-I-ignore-them-long-enough-they’ll-go-away method when dealing with office politics, but oh well, I’d rather walk away from a plummy job rather than working with a bunch of people that I don’t like. Anyway…

    Liars. Eeee. Hate them. Hate them. Hate them.

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