Starbucks Mystery

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I was furiously finishing last-minute touches to a paperwork I was working on when the internal phone rang.

Ma’am, you have food delivery downstairs.


I thought to myself. I didn’t order anything. If someone is pranking me by sending me foodstuff and straddling me with a huge bill, they’d better be prepared for my hell-hath-no-fury.

Well unless I accidentally sleep-ordered something. Takeaway dominates my speed dial.

I didn’t order any food, I informed the receptionist. She read out my name and address on the delivery order.

Is that correct, ma’am?

Yes, I said. I’ll be right down.

I put pants on, grabbed my mobile phone, wallet and keys.

Two Starbucks paperbag sat at the corner of the reception counter. I opened them up and peered inside. There were 2 tall lattes, a blueberry cheese muffin and a chick-o-cheese pastry. A Roomservicedeliveries slip was stapled to one of bags. There, my name and address in capital letters. No sender details.


Maybe they are from your boyfriend, ma’am?

I laughed. If only it was that simple.

Maybe, I said to her with a smile. Then I thanked her, gathered the bags and made my way upstairs.

I was holding one of the lattes when Maverick picked me up for a meeting.

When did you get out to get coffee, he asked.

I didn’t, I told him. Someone sent it over.


Yeah, I agreed. Easier than explaining the real situation.

I never did find out who sent the food package.

Some days bring you rain. Some days Starbucks coffee. My life is funny that way.

This too is a true story.


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