My Running Thing: Cycle 2 Week 1

IA at the end of Cycle 1

It’s me again with my running stories. The 1st cycle of my training ended on Jan 22. After a 2-week break, I am now back with Cycle 2. You can see posts for Cycle 1 here (or click Running under the category pull-down menu).

These are the 10 things that I managed to accomplished at the end of Cycle 1:

  1. Run continuously for 30min at easy run speed of 7.5km/h (meaning I finish a little over 4km in 30mins).
  2. Run continuously for 60min at varying speeds of 6.5 – 11.1km/h.
  3. Run continuously for over 90mins at varying speeds of 5.5 – 6.5km/h.
  4. Complete a 5K in 23mins (race  time, outdoors).
  5. Complete a 10K in a little over 60mins (race time, outdoors).
  6. Complete 5K easy run on treadmill in 30-40mins. I run a 5K x 3 times a week.
  7. Complete 10K easy runs on treadmill in 70mins. I run a 10K x 1 time a week.
  8. Items 6 & 7 combine to give me a min total running accumulated distance of 25km a week. I am still in the novice (beginner) league. It is a long long way from the 40km/week minimum that would push  me into the intermediate category.
  9. My nett weight loss remain at 1kg. To recap, when I started running last April I lost 5kgs and then gained 4. I have not experienced any weight loss/gain since Nov 2010 but it doesn’t annoy me as much anymore as the carb and sweets craving has subsided. I am now concentrating on toning and strength training to persuade my body to go the way Megan Fox‘s does.
  10. I am a comfortable size 4-6 in jeans, but fits pretty easily in size 2-4 dress or top depending on cut and fabric, though at times I have to go as far up as size 8 due to my chest area. It is a happy problem to have, thank you. And yes there are many parts of my body that I’d like to make  slimmer, thinner, smaller, perkier and tighter but that’s just me being greedy.

For inspiration :-)


In Cycle 2, below is the training plan that I follow, courtesy of Cool Running. This one takes a total of 12-weeks but I hope to be able to complete it in 8. You can get a training plan for various level and the distance from the site, just click on the Training Plans section. Just like before, I track my progress using, a free diet and weight loss online journal that helps me record what I eat and how much exercise and calories I have burned.

The end-goal for Cycle 2 is to increase and maintain my top speed at 11.1km/h, meaning I want to  be able to run at this speed continuously for 30min. At the moment I can only run at this speed in shorts bursts. Fartlek is helping but I am slow at it as I am not used to speedwork yet.

I am looking to join a field hockey team to help me with my fitness and stamina. I think speedwork is a lot more entertaining when you are chasing a little hard ball with a stick. I am not finding luck so far but will continue to keep my feelers out as hockey is about the only team sport that I really enjoy although I am rubbish at it. There is a huge amount of satisfaction to be able to whack them little balls as hard and as furious as you can. If you don’t know what I mean, try it.

Wish me luck!




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3 responses to “My Running Thing: Cycle 2 Week 1

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  2. shamsul

    hai tak tahu nak komen apa pun ijah, tapi saya lihat mmg byk sangat perubahan pada diri ijah,hamsul rindu sangat kat ijah itu je. shamsul mintak tolong sangat kalau ijah tgk komen ni please call shamsul ya.

  3. Erm, shamsul mana ni? I only remember one Shamsul from sekolah rendah time, don’t think I know any other shamsul since then. Are you the same one? If you are, wow. I haven’t heard from you for what, 20 years? Please pardon my sporadic memory, makcik dah tua :-) Can’t call you though coz I don’t have your number. Send me your number through email at k?

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