Mr. Children SENSE [new album]

Mr.Children‘s new album SENSE has been out for a couple of weeks now. I haven’t had the chance to listen to it, but here’s the CM released to promote the album. It seemed that they returned back to their earlier form and ditched the complicated, big sounds of Supermarket Fantasy (which was a very good album in my opinion, but very indulgent and “too rich” for my taste. I made a remark in my review that Mr. Children should support this album with a stripped-to-basic tour to counter the opulence that they displayed so liberally in the recording. Much to my amusement, the Supermarket Fantasy DOME tour featured only a 6-man line-up, giving their fans a completely different interpretation of the album as compared to the studio version. Brilliant).

Head to: Mr. Children (English Fansite) for more information about the album and three tracks that are currently available on Youtube (365 Nichi, fanfare and Forever).

Mr.Children SENSE


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