Fancy A Run? Check Out Larian Gemilang 11

I have been casually participating in various runs since I did the BHP Orange Run in 2007. I run alone, originally because no one wanted to run along despite promises of cupcakes and massages. Eventually I began to enjoy like being a solo runner because I don’t have to worry about running too fast or too slow and can adjust it according to my own pace and state of mind (ooh, cute guy at 3 o’clock, time to slow down to say hello, et cetera).

Anyway, I have been asked to share any Runs that is happening in and around the city so I will do so as and when I come across them. Please note that I don’t necessarily take part in these Runs. 5Ks and 10Ks are regular distances that I cover at least once each in my weekly training. But I do like running outdoors and in the occasional races for a change of a scenery coz running on the treadmill can feel a little hamster-ish after a while. When I do these Runs I normally don’t bother about time or speed, it is mostly just to have fun and check out the freebies in the goodie bag.

The next Run is a 10K called Larian Gemilang  11 organised by 12th College, UM.

  • Name of Run: Larian Gemilang 11
  • Date: 22 January 2011
  • Starting Time: 7.10am
  • Distance: 10K
  • Venue: 12th Residential College, UM (the Run starts from the College out through the KL gate heading towards Kerinchi then down to Federal Highway, turn right to University Hospital and then back through UM’s PJ gate to make a complete circle around campus grounds and back to 12th College. See Infopack below for map)
  • Registration fee: RM20, online registration at
  • Contact details:

Let me know if you are interested. We can train in the campus grounds, it is only 3 mins away from my apt, and you can buy me coffee and breakfast afterwards \\(^o^)//


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