The List of 36 Things

Bucket List word cloud #1

Image by mccmicb via Flickr

I have never made this list my entire life. You know, the list. THE list. THIS list?

So why now? Birthday’s coming up and I thought I’d give people something to talk about. Kind of my man-bucket list, if you think about it.

(And, I already did my bucket list and shopping lists: here, here, here, here and here, and travel wishlist; and I gave them a thought and couldn’t find new things to add in any of these lists, yet.)

So the list of 36 things, one for each year:

  1. Kind to waiters.
  2. Eating is a hobby, not for sustenance.
  3. Thinks it is cool that I am fanatical about video games like I am a 13-year old boy.
  4. Doesn’t attempt to make the bed if he is not the make-the-bed kinda guy. Domestic and housekeeping skills are overrated.
  5. Finds my sisters amusing. Siblings, not breasts.
  6. Finds the other (not siblings this time) sisters spectacular.
  7. When I talk or laugh too loud, instead of shush-ing me, tries one-upping me.
  8. Believes differences about religion, politics, sexual preferences, familial obligations and how to spend money should be respected (even when on opposite camps; no no ESPECIALLY when on opposite camps), not debated.
  9. Not keen on PDAs, but touches me discreetly only, and ONLY WHEN, no one is looking. When caught, feigns feeling faint.
  10. Asks me to model my shoes instead of asking how many pairs does a girl need in her lifetime? (Who knows? No one has ever been able to answer that question).
  11. Tells me I look great in any outfit I wear without a single umm whatsoever.
  12. Pretends to be asleep when I creep out of bed into the dark living room to play my guitar at 3 in the morning, then tiptoes and sits quietly in a corner to observe.
  13. Texts me to ask how I am, not where I am or what I am doing.
  14. When I want cupcakes, gets me cupcakes. And the RIGHT kind of cupcakes (Wondermilk, Bijoux or Delicious. Others are not the right kind).
  15. Takes pride in my work instead of competing with it.
  16. Japan is a shared fascination (or in my case, obsession).
  17. Throws me and my trainers out of the door when I attempt to lie my way out of running.
  18. Enjoys music and gets why I need to have the odd 11,000 songs in my MP3 player at all times.
  19. This blog is not unnerving, it’s documenting memories.
  20. Loses track of time on purpose when we are together doing nothing in particular just so the moment can stretch a bit longer.
  21. Practices voluntary non-interference  with a side of macaroons or Royce chocolates when it comes to me and my girlfriends coz nothing comes between me and my girlfriends.
  22. Must like House MD. Period.
  23. Buys me things that I like just because. Even if the color pink is a seriously dangerous allergen that can kill on-sight. (And I like a lot of things and pink things.)
  24. When buying my coffee, automatically orders the skinny version without asking (bonus point if he remembers the coffee jelly when it is coffee jelly season).
  25. Rain is a blessing, not nuisance.
  26. Worries about my inability to sleep but refrains from nagging.
  27. Torn jeans are cool, not rags.
  28. Makes no big deal if I am not into his things (football, fishing, collecting stamps, whatever).
  29. Makes no big deal about my guy friends. They tend to cluster  and fester in and around my apartment every now and then.
  30. Knows how to change lightbulbs, repair door locks, jumpstart a car  and open jars (the only exceptions to #4). Bonus points for the know-how to fix clogged drains, noisy ceiling fans and female adult who is sick with the cold and only wants to eat Uncle Lim’s Fish Porridge and nothing else.
  31. Favourite shape is curvy.
  32. Takes my fear of spiders, toads and caterpillars very seriously.
  33. Traveling is fun. Even if it means we’re 20,000 miles apart most of the time.
  34. Has 4-5 perfectly working spare mobile phones tucked in a drawer somewhere, you know, just in case I lose mine and need one in a pinch.
  35. May not think he is funny but gets Peter Chao’s sick humor.
  36. Easy-going but can put rude, obnoxious people in their places without raising voice or finger.

Happy birthday to me. Here, have a cupcake.

Tiffany Cupcake



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