The Part You Throw Away

Tom Waits by Adrian Boots (

This man’s name is Tom Waits. You think you have never heard of him but you have. It was Tom Waits that you heard in the Shrek 2 scene when King Harold went to The Poison Apple Bar to contract Puss In Boots to finish off Shrek. Yes, the one with Captain Hook on the piano.

“I like my towwwwwn, with a little drop of poisonnnnnnn….”.

The dirty, gravelly voice that’s more painful than Dolores Umbridge‘s Blood Quill punishment? Yeah. Correct. That was Tom Waits.

His songs make me feel like I am watching a carnival  through a looking glass- a combination of hideousness and beautiful mystery, both maddening and intoxicating at the same time. I can’t look away.

Doesn’t matter.

This is “The Part You Throw Away“. It is raining outside. I like to think that this coincidence is not a coincidence.

You dance real slow
You wreck it down
You walk away, then you
Turn around

What did that old blonde gal say?
That is the part…
You throw away

Then ask yourself: which part did you throw away?

Makes you feel like your heart’s been stabbed a little, no?

(No, I didn’t cry this time)

Come on. Click play. You know you want to.

(get the Guitar Tab courtesy of, or download the pdf version here)


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