Run For Broke

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I met a friend a few weeks ago for supper after I finished my run. He made a comment about me ordering dinner, something like what’s the use of running if you eat afterwards. And ever since my running is becoming a little bit more well known, many other people also make similar comments.

Ok, let’s just clear the air.

  1. I have always been running. I have been a casual runner since 2007. Actually I don’t think I can even be called a runner. But apart from team sports, running is probably the easiest thing for me to do. Going to the gym, while tempting, presents too many logistics problems for me, while running can be done anytime, anywhere, any terrain. So it’s not anything new. It is not a fad. I have been doing it all along. Just not this regularly.
  2. I don’t talk about it because it is just a daily routine, like eating or reading a book or playing video games. Really, it’s no big deal. I think the only person who is truly aware about my running would be LFN who used to sit in front of me at work. I don’t know why other people didn’t catch on coz I certainly did not hide it. Maybe because running and Ijah don’t sound right together?
  3. I run for my life. I began to run more regularly since last August. I don’t run because I want to lose weight. I run because it was the ulimatum given to me by my doctor. Either I practice the DASH diet and run at least 3 times a week, or take a pill every day for the rest of my life. I opted for DASH and run, no pills. If your life depends on it, you’d run every day too, trust me. It was an easy choice.
  4. I run coz I karaoke. Running helps me to breathe and lasts longer. If you have never been to a karaoke session with me, you have no idea how much energy I use. I am not one of those who sits prettily and sings like I am a stick. I run. I jump. I dance. I flail around. I am a fucking superstar and the karaoke table is my stage. And I like karaoke.
  5. I run to think. I used to walk alone to clear my head. Now I just walk faster.
  6. I run to listen to new music. I am a music snob. I used to listen to new music during the 1 hour bus ride to and from work. Now that I don’t work there anymore, I revert to old habit and only listen to stuff that I like again and again. When I run, I create several different playlists and play them at random. The MP3 player will be tucked in my bra, so I have no choice but to listen to whatever’s playing, and I have to listen carefully coz I time my steps to the beat. I still find some music is crappy just like I thought they would be, but at least now I give them a spin first rather than hating them purely on principle.
  7. I run because it is easy and cheap. All I need is my MP3 player and a pair of running shoes. I don’t care if I don’t have a gym buddy, or someone to run with, or if it rains. And if I get tired, I stop. If I can’t run in the morning, I run in the evening. It is low maintenance, fuss-free, membership fees -free and pest-free. I am sick of people checking out my breasts bouncing up and down in the gym.
  8. I love swimming too but I am not a good swimmer so I don’t do it often coz I am scared of swimming alone. Maybe someday I will take proper lessons and overcome my swimming alone fear. Right now, running’s still the best choice.
  9. I run for me. Not for anyone else. You know how people fake-take-up sports or certain hobbies to connect with the people they hang out with, or to impress their boyfriend/girlfriend? I am not one of those people. So football season may come and go, boyfriends may come and go, jobs may come and go, but this, it’s my hobby, and it is not motivated by external factors. Just like playing the guitar and video games, I do them because they make me happy. I don’t care what other people think.
  10. I set up running goals because I want to progress. I get bored easily. Unlike playing guitar where you can progress to doing improvisations and eventually songwriting, with running you can only go faster and longer. So I set goals to keep me interested and challenged. You put in 130 hours on Final Fantasy not because you’re slow but because you want to play the perfect game and unlock all the alternative endings. Who you gonna brag to? No one. You do it for yourself. I am no athlete, and I don’t think I can say that I am passionate about running. But setting goals keeps me interested.  Plain and simple. Go for broke, AKLH would say. Doyle does it to win the girl (see clip below), I do it to get the free t-shirt. And NO, I am not fat.

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