All I Want Is Everything

Consumerism. I am a loyal devotee at your altar.

Stuff that seems to be forever on my wishlist and some new ones:

1. WANTS Perfume: Aquolina Pink Sugar and Jo Malone’s Vanilla and Anise.

If you are a girl chances are you have a table top full with perfume, big and small and miniatures and solids. Well, I am not big on perfume. I mean, by regular girl standard, I am not big on perfume. I probably have about 6-8 kinds on my dresser and these have been around for ages. I get a lot as gifts but I usually give them away after a spritz or two because for some reason the gifters would always choose classic, heady, velvety kind of perfume like Chanel No 5 or Opium by YSL .They are very nice perfumes, they are just not me.

I don’t use use perfume often, a lot of days I just run out of the door without wearing any. I hardly buy them as well, if I do usually it’s because I have to toss one out when it runs out of its useful life. And I always buy the same things again and again. Hence why the two above. I am retiring Burberry Brit Sheer and Harajuku Lovers in Music. Still love them but I just feel like trying out something new.

I wear perfume according to my moods:

  • L’Occitane Cherry Blossom on easy breezy days like today and when I am traveling coz it comes in touch tube and solid perfume versions. This is my go-to scent and I have been using it for years;
  • Crabtree & Evelyn‘s Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber or Harajuku Lovers in Music for my weekend breakfast runs and shopping craves;
  • Burberry Brit Sheer when I think I am going to have a rough day at work;
  • Marc Jacob’s Daisy or Stella’s in Two when hanging out with friends;
  • And tucked somewhere in the drawer of things that I love would be Crazylibellule And The Poppies Les Divines Alcoves collection in Amoureuse and Lush in Olive Branch. I use them sparingly and jealousy and lovingly. If I have a signature scent it would be hard to choose between these two. I  don’t break them out unless it’s truly memorable and personal; for really special people on really special occasions.

All fragrances that I use fall in the fruity floral category. I like them light and non-lingering,  just a wispy, barely-there scent. You have to stand really close to me to notice. That’s the whole point. Aren’t you curious now.

2. WANTS Shoes: Chanel Cambon ballet flats and Christian Louboutin Very Galaxy Peep Toe Pump

I can’t praise Rubi shoes enough. Chic, cheap, trendy, colourful, fun, comfy – they’re all I want in shoes. I wear them to death, til the ribbons are frayed and the canvass is dirty beyond recognition. I’d throw them into the washing machine and then I’d wear them all over again.

But that doesn’t stop me from coveting a pair of Chanel Cambon ballet flats. They have been temporarily discontinued, which makes me covet them even more. Do I need it? Absolutely not. Do I want it? Absolutely yes. Although I don’t know if I have it in me to pony up the huge wad of cash for it, the temptation will always be there and will always be barely contained. I am positively enchanted.

And oh, I want the Christian Louboutin Very Galaxy Peep Toe Pump  because it is pink and shiny.

3. WANTS Jewelry: Tiffany Atlas® Ring and Cartier Love Ring

The first time I saw the Tiffany Atlas® Ring was at the back of a local women’s magazine that my mother used to buy every month. I think I was 12. It was a wow moment. For someone who loathes having to wear even the simplest gold stud earrings, this was a big deal. I guess you could call it a love affair.

I have been able to afford this for a while now but for some reason, I hold back. It needs to be immortalized,  a  charming story to go with, a wow moment, something that I will still talk about and recall fondly 24 years from now. I haven’t found that moment yet.

The Cartier Love® Ring was something that I saw someone wore as I shook her hand during the early days of my career. I didn’t even kn0w that I know what it was, I guess you retain some form of visual memory from flipping through fashion magazines. Thanks, she said when I told her she has excellent taste in jewelry (anyone who has the same taste as mine automatically has excellent taste, no question about it). I bought this myself, she said as she smiled.  How cool was that? To be able to purchase a piece of exquisite jewelry and to be able to say that I bought this myself?

When I told this story to a friend a few years ago, he looked puzzled. Why? I asked him. I don’t know, he said, you just look like the kind of person that would rather have a personally-designed ring, you know with red diamonds or something. I laughed. You know what I mean, he insisted, something that no one else has. Ok, he meant well. Heart in the right place.

I did buy one for myself eventually. It was an enormously gratifying experience. I used to wear this all the time but now I just keep it in its box and tuck it somewhere at the back of my closet. I get questions about marriage all the time, wearing a Cartier Love Ring on my left ring finger doesn’t help. These days, I’m content with wearing the Love Disc ring from Diva London. Leaves a nasty bruise if you punch someone in the face with it. Could come in handy someday.

Told you mine now tell me yours.


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