I Want To Change My Life

I want to change my life.

It has been changing dramatically this year. Now I am ready for more change. I don’t think I have any more time to waste or excuses to procrastinate. The list of things that I wanted to do before I reach 40 has been completed years ago, yet I never got around to coming up with a new list.

Little goals right? Ok. The 10,  6 weeks starting tomorrow.

  1. 1400 kCal/day diet (I know it’s cliched to “change your life” and starts with a diet but it is the easiest in the list. Just stop eating cupcake).
  2. 30 mins daily morning run.
  3. 30 mins loving the guitar.
  4. 2 fruits a day.
  5. 2 litres of water a day.
  6. 5 hours of sleep every NIGHT. That means I have to go to bed no later than 1am in order to wake at 6am. *sigh*
  7. Use the staircase unless I am carrying groceries.
  8. Stop housekeeping services and do my own housework.
  9. Stop laundry service. No wait. Scratch that. No way I am folding and ironing my own clothes. Say Hello to 21 random people who are in my friends’ list in Facebook (I guess going alphabetically could work. I am basing this on the current no of friends that I have, with the intention to say be able to say Hello once to them in 49 days).
  10. Find out the name of my security guards, and the kakak that sells me flowers at Lucky Garden flower market, the drivers of the taxis that I take to anywhere I need to go to.

For inspiration:

Taken from Sexy Strange Cosplay blogpost by Cakehead Loves Evil


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