Top 10 Closet Essentials 2010 Revisited

Two years had passed since we first made this list, let’s see what we have in our closets today.

Ijah’s Updated Top 10 Closet Essentials

  1. Blue or black 5-pocket riveted jeans. By the way slim bootcut jeans goes with everything and any *ss size. Took me years and various jeans sizes to discover that.
  2. White t-shirt. My current favourite is J-Crew slim cotton t-shirt (get it at Factory Outlet, it’s only RM10 a piece) and Renoma cotton ribbed tank (I buy mine in packs from Jusco). I also love these in black and grey.
  3. A black cardigan. Preferably in wrinkle-free lightweight material that you can ball up and stuff in your bag for emergency cold-combatting strategy in the cinema/restaurant/car/plane/beach/lookout point.
  4. A casual, flirty dress. Choose one in bright, fun color to wear for Sunday morning breakfast with the people you love.
  5. A simple, unadorned black dress to play dress up or dress down with. I probably have 20,000 black dresses in my closet. Just name the occasion, I got one just for it.
  6. A well-fitted jacket in basic black, navy, charcoal, beige or camel for when you want to go all boadroom and business-like. If you buy them off the rack, get it altered to fit you. It will instantly make anything that you wear it with look chic and put-together. When you can, splurge. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have changed sizes in the past couple of months, all my fitted jackets don’t fit anymore. Time to go shopping.
  7. A pair of red shoes. You must have a pair of red shoes, it can be in any style, whatever that suits your personality. But you need one. Trust me, it’s worth it.
  8. A wide belt for instant style and the illusion of a teeny tiny waist (very important).
  9. Drop earrings to distract attention from your messy hair. The ones that come in those little blue boxes are the best ones especially if you can get someone else to pay for them.
  10. Silk pajamas. You have no idea. If you don’t have one, go get them now. Sweet dreams assured. Take it from the insomniac.

Your turn.


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