Soundtrack of Our Lives

For me catching some sleep is like trying to catch a fly using chopsticks. Not impossible but damn hard to do. That’s how I feel. For the past 2 days, sleep starts to elude me again.

So I’ve started working on some side projects, all these time being wide awake need to be filled with something and there’s only so much staring out the window that you can do. One of them is to pare down my song library into absolute essentials. Not all my side projects are serious stuff you know.

Anyway, I got some great suggestions for different playlists via facebook and twitter. Thought I’d throw these in here too and see what else comes up. Here are the playlists that I am working on:

  1. The 3 songs that you will take with you if you are going into the wilderness for a year, no people, no phone, no electricity, no internet, no access to the outside world.
  2. A song by a female singer that you’d listen to when it rains.
  3. The one song that helps you get through a heartbreak.
  4. When you feel like dancing freely and as goofy-ly.
  5. When you are about to start an impossible task.
  6. When you feel alone.
  7. When you are in love.
  8. When you need a good cry.
  9. When you need a good screaming and thrashing and pummeling the brick wall.
  10. When you fall down and need to tell yourself to get up and get going.
  11. When you are about to board a plane for a 16-hour flight.
  12. When you can’t sleep at night.

Fire away.


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