What Would Be the Measure of Me?

I have always wondered, if I was faced with a situation where I have to choose between doing the right thing or doing the the right-thing-for-me, what would my choice be?

Like that song by Mr. Children, supposing that the world could be saved by one person giving their life in exchange. Well, I’ve always wondered if I’d be that one person, or would I wait til someone else volunteers?

I’ve always wondered what I would fight for, what I would let go? What these choices would say about me and my character: would I be able to make those choices without fear of retribution or shame at being found out that I was just a coward by the society and the people around me? Would I make those choices because I wanted to be a hero, that I wanted to be admired or feared? Would the worry about what other people think stop me or pressure me into making certain decisions?

I wonder if I would make such decisions out of love; would I act differently if it was other people whose names I don’t know. Would I do it for love? For putting food on the table? For righting an injustice? For exacting revenge?

And when I am tested, when I am faced with making these decisions, will I be the kind of person that I hoped I would be when I grow up?

What would be the measure of a man?

What would be the measure of me?



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3 responses to “What Would Be the Measure of Me?

  1. PC Ng

    CYC Custom Shop advert. That’s where Kenny is getting his suit made. OMG. This is a sign for you.

  2. PC Ng

    It case it disappears, the advert was available here in your blog at 8:32pm.

  3. You and your signs. No signs, no signs! Just a coincidence.

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