If You Think You Had It Bad

[originally appeared as a facebook note]

I was in a car with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while.

We talked about the usual things, with me going a mile a minute, filling in the space with what’s been happening in my life for the past 6 months.

Look at it this way, the friend said.

You’re not one of these 5 people:

  1. Khalid Ibrahim (read: rocky’s bru – Khalid Ibrahim Chief Sitting Duck);
  2. Lindsay Lohan (read: the sun – Everyone Will Want A Piece of Lindsay);
  3. Ariel Peterpan (read: the australian – Celebrity Sex-Tapes Case A Test for Indonesia’s Anti Pornography Law);
  4. That guy that I know whom was asked to tender his resignation over a crime he did not commit when the investigation has not even started simply coz they needed someone high enough on the food chain to take the fall; and then two hours later was given a letter as Acting Deputy to the MD while the MD goes off for a two-week holiday coz there was no one else competent enough for the job – how is it that you are both the scapegoat and the saviour? Talk about being used and abused; and…
  5. The entire France World Cup Team 2010 (read: the goal – France President Nicolas Sarkozy Demands Heads Roll After ‘Disastrous’ World Cup 2010 Campaign)

How do you rebut such strong and compelling argument?

We spent the rest of the ride talking about cupcakes and it made us both happy.


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