Good Night Old Friend

A good friend of mine passed away yesterday. His heart gave out. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in years. It wasn’t intentional. Life just gets in the way.

This post should be followed by cute anecdotes celebrating the crazy, reckless moments that we shared. We had a lot of those. He certainly would have preferred that I recount those stories and have a good laugh out of them. Right now I kinda want to keep those moments to myself.

So I’ll share just one. This video is chosen not for its message. It’s for that night when we went to the release party thrown by its record label where he got drunk and we were, somehow, stupid enough to allow him to drive us home. At one point he ran over the curb and the car stalled and he sat there tapping the steering wheel while laughing uncontrollably like it was the funniest thing. It was probably the scariest car ride of my life.

If he were here, I would have used his favourite phrase “Aku tampar kang,” (I’ll slap you across the face).

Good night, old friend, and good bye.

What wouldn’t I give to be able to slap you across the face right now.

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