Sexy Disney Princesses by J. Scott Campbell

This artist is crazy talented. His artwork is always breathtakingly beautiful and detailed. I have divided this post into the Fairytale Fantasies series (2012 Calendar) and below it, the original Sexy Disney Princesses. Feast your eyes and enjoy.

Also, please take some time to visit Campbell’s official website here where you can view his other works and purchase various merchandies and goodies:

(friendly hint: click on the pic to get larger size; and visit the originators to drop them a note of thanks and encouragement for these amazing artwork.)

For more stylized and re-imagined Disney Princesses, click tab Disney Princesses on top of this page.



Wendy Fairytale Fantasies 2012

Cinderella Fairytale Fantasies 2012

Thumbelina Fairytale Fantasies 2012

Ariel Fairytale Fantasies 2012

Blue Fairy Fairytale Fantasies 2012

Snow White Fairytale Fantasies 2012



Tinkerbell Disney Princesses

Alice Disney Princesses

Ariel Disney Princesses

Aurora Disney Princesses

Belle Sexy Disney Princesses

Cinderella Sexy Disney Princesses

Maelficient Sexy Disney Princesses

Snow White Sexy Disney Princesses

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One response to “Sexy Disney Princesses by J. Scott Campbell

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, my God, my uncle loves comic books. Maybe he’ll like this calendar.

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