Chocolates & Soulmates

I was opening up a box of Melty Kiss (shoutout to Kak Ruby) at my table when a boy approached. He pulled a chair and sat down, waiting for me to pay him some attention. I threw a Melty Kiss at him, which he caught deftly, then I passed the chocolate around.

You like chocolates, he asked?

Not really, I said. But I like Melty Kiss coz it’s one of the better store-bought ones. I have migraine so when I have chocolates, I make sure they really count.

Well, he said,  can I suggest one then?

I looked at him  incredulously. This boy wanted to suggest to me what chocolates to get? Are you f*ckng kidding me? I mean, come on.

Royce handmade chocolates, he said. Go to Isetan in KLCC, on the supermarket at the top floor they have a Royce section.

I blacked out for a few milisecond and had to take a seat.

I think God just delivered me a soulmate.


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