Flash Thought While Getting Lost

We were 2 minutes away from my apartment. For some reason, we missed the junction. I chuckled a little. This is becoming a norm with alarming regularity, us getting lost despite knowing exactly where we need to go.

That’s ok, he said.

I’m trying to prolong the moment.

We both became quiet.

Prolong what? Us getting lost? I joked. We both laughed.

The moment was lost but the unspoken hung pregnantly in the air.

I closed my eyes and let it slid.

Strangely, the thought of being lost along an unending road with him, though a little alarming, doesn’t seem weird or tiresome.

Sh*t. I’m in trouble.



Filed under Conversations/Arguments, Wonder

4 responses to “Flash Thought While Getting Lost

  1. PC Ng

    Someone has got that something for somebody :)

  2. PC I will march down to SG right THIS second and cane your bony ass.

  3. PC Ng

    How can I not respond to this? Bring it on, come down to the island. My ass will be ready for you. LOL. Oh dear me…haha.

  4. 27 Mar, lock the date and prepare your ass.

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