Things That I Don’t Care For

As a whole I am very laidback and easygoing. But there are a few things that I don’t care for.

For instance, I don’t care for office romance. I am not bothered by it, I just don’t partake in it. I don’t care if the statistics say a large number of people meet and date through work. Those numbers mean nothing to me.

I don’t care for fidelity or lack there-of. I believe everyone, yes including you, if given the opportunity to cheat without ever getting caught, would take that opportunity. It’s just a matter of risk vs rewards. Given a big enough reward, anything can be worth the risk.

Having said that, I also don’t care for polygamous or those increasingly trendy poly amorous relationships. I think people who do that are just greedy.

(Question: why be in an official or formal relationship at all? For insurance purposes? There’s a word for that: greed. I don’t understand them, neither am I interested to.)

I don’t care for reciprocity. I think it is naive to expect people to respond in a similar fashion, good or bad. Positive action doesn’t always beget positive response, vice versa. The life that we live is a result of causality. I do this therefore that happens. So I don’t care for paybacks or talkbacks or retaliations. There is no time for that. Life passes by so quickly. I’d rather just live.

There is a long list of things that I don’t care for. But in the tradition of Top 5’s, I will choose just one more thing not to care for. I don’t care for fair-weather friends. I don’t think those are friends at all. They are faux-friends. They keep your number so that they can dial the phone when they need you to do something. You never hear from them otherwise. Years and years could pass and suddenly the phone rings and as if no time had passed at all they’d casually ask for a this and that, big and small. I’d get a little agitated at first, and then after I have ranted and cursed, a small kind of amazement would creep in. Where and how did they come about this misplaced sense of entitlement?

The thing is some of these people used to be people that I like and care about. But somehow over time they got wrapped up in themselves, or I get wrapped up in me that all we are to each other is just a phone number to call when we need a favour.

This is probably the thing that I don’t care for most of all.

I hope I don’t become one.


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