Can’t Even Buy Me Half A Shoe

Today I woke up to a rude surprise – an email accusing me of absconding someone’s money.

But what I am most angry about is, I was not even given an opportunity to understand or explain myself.  It was a straightforward accusatory missive. No introduction. No background information. Just 3 lines that read:

“”how stupid i am not to know…..pls return the money that ***** had contributed… could u not tell me and dont even explain to *****….”

Let me get a few things straight:

  1. I feel uncomfortable when people pay for my dinner, much less be inclined to take some other people’s money and run with it.
  2. When managing a personal project, very rarely I will request for external funding or contribution. In fact up to this point, I have never requested for any external funding for any of my personal projects. If someone claims I do, s/he’s lying. Plain and simple.
  3. I don’t have a habit of owing people money. I have no housing loans, no car loans, no store credit,  no outstanding credit card bills and no personal money borrowed from anyone. Don’t take my word for it, feel free to ask around.
  4. Don’t insult me by accusing me of running off with RM160. It can’t even buy me half a shoe.

I can take a lot of heat and stress, but this is exactly the kind of f*ckery that I don’t put up with. No one should.



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3 responses to “Can’t Even Buy Me Half A Shoe

  1. PC Ng

    Ha ha can’t even buy you half a shoe. How true. Tickled me.

  2. True isn’t it? Ok unless it’s rubi shoes. Then can buy me about 4 pairs :-P

  3. Olie

    Relax Ijah, you’re gonna have a high blood pressure issue if you don’t calm down. But I do agree though, that it won’t even get half a shoe!. You can probably buy 20% of a Tods shoe, or 10% of a Jimmy Choo shoe, or 5% of a Manolo Blahnik eh? :) The accuser probably wears Vinci’s though. Haahhhh! That makes sense now, coz THEN you can get TWO PAIRS of shoes!

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