Glasses oh Glasses

I was skipping my way to the washroom when I passed a group of boys. One of them happened to be my staff so I smiled at him. Then there was this boy from Engineering behind him. I smiled at him too, then I blocked his way and asked, were you from [name of my stupid high school]? Yes, he said, looking surprised. I am your senior, I told him. He looked startled. I don’t remember he said. I laughed. Of course he doesn’t. I have put on 60 pounds since then.

Bet you thought that story was going to end with me hitting on him?

Anyway, that’s the problem. I can remember a face from 20 years ago, of someone that I have NEVER even spoken and bumped into for merely 2 seconds back in high school; yet I cannot remember where I put my glasses 20 seconds ago.



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