A Pink Christmas Present

5 days to 2010. Wow. I don’ have anything special planned, work is taking up a huge portion of my time since a few turnkey projects will need to be launched in Q1 but I am not stressing out over jetting off somewhere for a holiday. One of the best things with working with an airline is that you can jet off anytime. I have since found spending a day walking along Orchard Road in Singapore has a profound therapeutic effect on my wellbeing and on my pocket. Still, what’s the point of working if you don’t get the spend the bounty, right?

Speaking of spending my bounty, while I was walking around (which ended up in 4 pair of shoes – walking around is dangerous without adult supervision), I was arguing in my head over the virtues of buying a guitar vs a netbook. The thing is, I already have a guitar and 2 notebooks. But the guitar is more than 20 years old, and the constant travelling with either one of my heavy notebooks is really taking its toll on my shoulders. Either purchase will cost more or less the same, give or take the odd thousand.

In the end, the netbook won. So, say hello to my new pink friend.

HP Mini 110 DM1 Series in Pink

I still need to fork a little bit more bounty for an external DVD drive and HDD, an MS Outlook and an Anti Virus. But it is so small and light it fits right into my handbag! The leather Uniqlo tote bag never looked more tempting that it is right now. Makes a nice partner to miss pink netbook, I think. I’ll buy the guitar next month lah. Can’t spoil myself with too many of the good stuff, nanti tak ada motivation to work :-)

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope yours is as good as mine.



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3 responses to “A Pink Christmas Present

  1. Olie

    I only have two possible comments here:

    A. OMAGODDD! That is sooo pretty!


    Guess, which is most likely my ‘real’ comment? :)

  2. Olie

    LOL whateva makes u happy Ijah!

    Check out my safari photos:

    elephants DSC_0141

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