Review of AFA09

AFA09 came and went. The experience was so-so. Some parts were great (the Cosplay & Kaname’s session), the rest was just your run-of-the-mill exhibition, not even  a good one at that. The main thing lacking was interactivity as almost all the activities did not involve 2-way participation so it was very static. Yes, just like the Search di Awan Biru concert – I could have done it better.

So in the same manner, the things that I like and didn’t like:

Things I like

  1. Flying in Kaname for the festival. That was a good move, as he’d probably the most well-known cosplayer on the face of the earth. Him dressing up as Cloud Strife helps.
  2. I can’t think of other things that I like.

Things I didn’t like

  1. The clumsy ticketing system – they should have had an online purchase option as well accept credit cards. The entrance fee is not exactly cheap and for an exhibition that hinges heavily on technology, the ticketing was surprisingly very low-tech (cash only, no serial no etc).
  2. Sound system in the mainstage hall was screwed up. For the kind of money they are charging, they can afford better speakers.
  3. Lack of anything interactive – no graffiti wall, no showcase of homemade anime, no autograph signing session, no cosplay makeup session, no multiplayer games session. It was a straight-up exhibition. Not good.
  4. There was no food or drinks stall inside the hall. People will pay! It was cruel and shortsighted. You have thousands of people in a hall and not a single drinks stand.

While I had fun due to the company I was with, the experience as a whole was a disappointing one. Definitely NOT returning next year. If I want anything done right, guess I’d just have to do it myself.

*Photos courtesy of Mr Toffee of GameAxis


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