Ijah As Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

As far as strong female characters in gaming is concerned, I guess Tifa Lockhart is as good as they come. I like her kick-ass kung-fu and especially like her leather outfit, but I am totally exasperated by her obvious pining (and whining) for Cloud. Pleaaaaase.  With that tight leather suit, you can get any man you want honey. No need to mourn over someone who keeps his dead girlfriend’s voice message in his mobile phone.

Anyway, this is what I will be (or hope to be) dressed as at the AFA09. Tifa’s an old character  and has been done many times by otakus during cosplays. But I will go as her anyhow because you can never have too many leather outfits. Plus, the other costumes are just way too out there – not that I mind but at 35 I think I should give up showing too much skin at events where I am 10-15years older than the average participant.

I am going to change a few details to suit my style (like changing the black converse to thigh-high leather boots) and pink ribbon instead of red.

Below, a mix-video from Advent Children.



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5 responses to “Ijah As Tifa Lockhart

  1. i love your tifa cosplay^^
    u’ve got style^^
    is the costume store bought or custom made?
    i’d love to get one xD

  2. tifa is best………………………..^_^b

  3. RAV

    I am trying to figure out if the bottom half of this outfit is skort styled, could you please tell me? Thanks

  4. It’s not skirt, it’s a sort of tight cargo pants using pleather, with a half skirt (like apron tied backside-front) at the back.

  5. Sorry I meant to say it is not a skort either (skirt + shorts)

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