Which celebrity should Ijah date?

I asked some guys this question the other day during an icebreaking session. Yes yes, I am a narcissist, everything is about me; we’ve established that a long time ago so deal with it. The question was: Which celebrity should Ijah date?

The answers, in no particular order:

  1. Johnny Depp coz he’d know how to make me laugh, and he is a quirky unusual chap who’d take me to quirky unusual dates.
  2. Jon Bon Jovi, because after my review (*koff*complaints*koff*) of the Search Di Awan Biru Concert, he could show me a good rock and rolling time. Plus, by his own manager’s admission, they know all the strip clubs from New Jersey to Tokyo so I could be living the moody, intelligent, but cool as cucumber rockstar babe lifestyle like I deserved.
  3. And drumroll please…… Tom Cruise. Coz we’re the same height.



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