I Was a Mean Girl

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An old friend of mine posted photos from high school in facebook and omg they reminded me of the various scandalous things that I did in school. I mean, I hated the learning part, and I hated the indoctrination part, but I sure had some (ok, a lot of) crazy moments.

For instance, there was this boy in school whom I literally terrorized for no reason until he could not walk 5 metres without people stopping him and said “Ijah kirim salam,” (Ijah said hello). Let’s call him Mr Abu. Out of a dare which no one took seriously, one fine afternoon I just walked in front of the female-only school assembly and told the entire girls’ brigade that if you see Mr Abu, stop him in his tracks and tell him “Ijah kirim salam,”. And they did. I supposed it was amusing the first 10 times, but by the third week he was probably close to having a nervous breakdown. I had no motives for doing that at all other than killing time.

And then there was a boy, let’s call him Mr Abu2, whom I stalked every Chemistry class just to annoy his BFF – this skinny little boy with huge glasses and a shrilly voice who threw a fit and called me all sorts of unimaginable dirty name in both the English and Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary whenever I sashayed to their table. I did this for 3 solid months. Why? Nothing. Purely for my own amusement.

And there was a boy who faithfully sent me regular love notes for 3 years  (he left after SRP, the mid high school examination). I didn’t reply, not once. In fact I never said a word to him. This was the same boy who trailed me around from the FIRST day of enrolment. He never meant me any harm. And I knew enough that it was a harmless infatuation. Would it have killed me to at least give him a smile? Nope. In fact  I made a huge show out of ignoring him the entire time. And despite the horrible way I treated him, he never said a bad word against me. So… why was I so mean towards him?

There was a boy who walked me back to the dorm after a sport’s practice session one evening because my arm was broken and I was slower than everyone else to store my sporting equipment (yes he helped me with that too). I stopped speaking to him years without any particular reason. It was only 3 years ago that I spoke to him again.

And another boy, that waited for me when I was 3 hours late, years ago when we were in college and Lot 10 was THE place to hang out. We hung out for a few years, then I inexplicably wandered away and cut off contact, for the love of me I could not even recall the reasons why. The last decent conversation we had was when he told me he was getting married, and when I asked why he said “I want to have a child before I turn 25,”. I went to his wedding but we didn’t speak. We just looked at each other and smiled.

Those are the 5 that I remembered, by looking at ONE photo of the football team.

To all these boys, I am sorry. You know who you are.

(Somehow I have a suspicion that I have never reformed and am still a mean girl)




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2 responses to “I Was a Mean Girl

  1. You might still be a mean girl, but I love how you live so transparently. (I assume you do, because it takes guts to say all that on a public blog.)

  2. :-) Admission is the first step towards reformation?

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