Review: Search Di Awan Biru Concert

I am not a Search fan. I am a music fan. Many times, I voluntarily go to concerts and live shows even though I have no clue who is playing simply because I like the atmosphere of enjoying live music with like-minded people.

And, because I am NOT a Search fan, I think I am entitled to write this review.

The Search Di Awan Biru concert was average at best. And yes, I think I could have done it better. Hire me next time to organize it. I’ll do it for free. Consider it my contribution to national service. Dengan rela hati.

Read fans’ feedback here: Search Di Awan Biru Fan Page

And read what a reviewer thinks here:  Search Pukau Peminat (Search Hypnotized Fans)

Photos from the concert, courtey of Mstar. See them here.


  1. F*cked up sound system AND poor showmanship. I have always maintained, no matter how much or how little money you have when organizing a concert, the 2 things you cannot skimp would be sound system and musicians. Forget about special effects and giant LCD screens. Fix the sound system and get good musicians and everything else would naturally fix itself. Let’s not even talk about the blackout that happened in the middle of the first set. With the exception of guest guitarist Kid, everyone else was playing as if they were sessionists at an Akademi Fantasia concert. Where’s the energy? Where’s the rockstar attitude? Just standing there does not a concert make. Search are not rookies. They are the grand-daddy of Malaysian rock scene. They are the Rolling Stones equivalent. Why were they so tame on stage? (p/s: I was taught a new term “shoegazers” which is perfect to describe what happened onstage that night.)
  2. What was the purpose of the giant LCD screen behind the drummer? Why did they put visuals of flowers and bubbles? Why couldn’t they just transmit the concert in real-time rather than putting flowers and bubbles? Or, just put the backdrop’s key visual – at least that would have provided a nice photo op. One more time, why flowers and bubbles?
  3. The uneven playlist. I think musicians should put more thought and attention when arranging their playlist. They should think about the moods that they want to evoke, how to sustain the energy and interest and how to work the crowd. Why was the playlist done in such a haphazard way? Was there even any thought being put behind it or did they just slap on popular songs and be done with it?
  4. The amatuerish banter. “Kuala Lumpur, nyanyikan!”. “Terimalah,”. Anytime these cliches came up, I screamed happily. It proved the point that I have been harping on for years. Our musicians need to learn to banter and communicate with the crowd.


  1. Kid’s appearance, purely because he was the only one who seemed to be enjoying himself. Though his big reveal was spoiled by the unreliable sound system, his prancing around the stage made up for it and the energy in the crowd noticeably picked up when he came onstage.
  2. My Rolling Stone’s t-shirt.
  3. Being amongst hardcore fans, coz they made me realize that the love for good old rock n’roll music is not dead. We just lack good products.


  1. Poor venue choice and crowd control. I know how hard it is to get good venues and to control 25,000 people. As long as there is no disaster or accidents, I am not bothered with having to stand all through a concert although my ticket said “Seating”; or having to walk 2 miles to the car. I was expecting it.
  2. Punctuality. Saturday was a screwed up day for everyone thanks to the disruptive and annoying illegal rally. The concert was an hour late but I guess there was only so much of a control you could exert. KL was at a standstill through no fault of the organizers.

A concert is a social gathering event. You’re not there purely for the music, you’re there for the visual experience, the bonding with other fans, the energy high. Some problems, technical or otherwise, are expected. Fans are very forgiving. All they want is a rollicking good time singing along to songs that shaped their youth.

So what do we do now? We learn.

I give it 6/10; and that was because Amy said “Terimalah,” and I waited all night for him to say it. There was some parts that I enjoyed, but too many parts that I didn’t. Feel free to disagree.



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9 responses to “Review: Search Di Awan Biru Concert

  1. yup “kerat lengan potong jari” agreed with you :)

  2. azil

    Hire me next time to organize it-100% support u

  3. sinaganaga

    Kau bagi 6? Perghhhhhhhhh… banyaknya!

    • *lol* I grade on a curve la enche Lan, sebab I quite enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood of Search fans that night. Masa we were walking out, some hardcore fans behind me was saying, “well, the good thing is depa main banyak lagu,” dengan nada yang ya amat sedih.

  4. amat potai

    bila ko organize nanti, amik aku jadi in-charge back drop..
    aku letak gambar bunga ros, bunga raya, bunga taik ayam, bunga cempaka, bunga kekwa, bunga mawar, bunga anggerik, bunga apa lagi, bunga api, etc

    hantu betul, sia-sia baju death magnetic aku

    • *lol* ya lah, in fact the backdrop yang ko kata cantik tu i.e. burning fire, tu effect backdrop yang dah berkurun2 lamanya. Mana ada orang pakai effect tu dah. Lebih molek jika they had a slideshow of Search over the years as fillers; or scenes from the past where they were performing same songs from other concerts/TV appearances. Contohnya, masa nyanyi Isabella bley taruk klip filem Fenomena or their performance masa Muzik2. Or, interview fans on the street and get them to request songs or tell why they like Search or what was the first Search song they heard before Search played the song onstage. Oh banyak gila lah benda aku nak komen kalau aku start pikir2 balik. Tambahan pulak aku sempat watch a few japon concert DVDs last night, makin banyakla rasa tak puas hati aku. So I better shut up now, sekian terima kasih.

      Tapi, I still kutuk the bunga and bubbles. That one aku tak tarik balik :-)

  5. red

    aku mmg die hard search sejak aku umur 2 tahun sampai la skarang aku umur 25 tahun… tapi aku agak hampa gak sebenarnye dgn concert mlm tu… dari johor aku dgn geng2 aku turun tapi konsert tu tak segempak yg aku imagine… tapi mmg tul la ko ckp… aku rasa yg tul2 ada attitude mlm tu ialah kid… tapi pe2 hal pun aku tetap die hard search… hehehe…

  6. Lan

    walau byk komen negatif tentang konset tu,aku terpaksa terima la sebab sebab aku diehard fan.Yg aku bengang nape screen x fokus sangat kat Din Mayat?Dah la jauh dari stage.Selain dari Kid,jgn lupa abangnya Din.Hillary memang bagus tapi bab showmanship tegak mcm tiang lampu!Kalu ko jadi organizer tolong cari STADIUM…diulangi STADIUM bukan padang KUDA!!!Sepatutnya Search bagi priority pada album2 80an dia,sebab ramau yg datang dah berusia,siap kendong anak bini lagi.Nasib baik anak aku kecik lagi…Apa2 hal aku memnag rindukan Din on stage..

  7. :-) ya ya bila saya organize pastinya di stadium.

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